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Have you always wanted a Best Longboard Trucks that feels and works right? Seeing as they play a big role in the overall manner in which your board will ride, it’s imperative that you get as much information on them as you can. A board’s feel is significantly altered depending on the type of truck that you use.

Selecting the Best longboard trucks for your riding style is therefore very important in constructing the perfect longboard set up. Many people spend a good amount of their time attempting to buy the right deck for their skateboards.

While this is crucial, longboard trucks are equally as important. Longboard trucks have different lengths, angles, and manners in which the bushings are placed. All these things will contribute to how the trucks feel while you skate.

Trucks that are of high quality will allow you to easily control the direction of your skateboard and the speed at which it moves.

They will give you an opportunity to easily cut your way through pedestrians on the neighborhood sidewalks, carve downhill and jump off of curves before quickly stopping at intersections.

Here are some of the best longboard trucks

Gullwing Sidewinder II Truck (Set Of 2), Silver, 10-Inch

Gullwing Sidewinder II Truck (Set Of 2), Silver, 10-InchPrice Range: $$
Rating: 4.2

If you are looking to surf the curbs and sidewalks of your neighborhood this summer, then the Gullwing Sidewinders are definitely the way to go.

This is the ultimate truck for amazing ‘surfy’ turns, smooth spectacular carves and stress free cruising. Its double kingpin design will allow you to turn sharper and way quicker than traditional trucks.

This is the reason why these are not recommended for downhill riding. However, if cruising around town is your thing, there is no better alternative. This truck is available in both 9 inch and 10 inch options with both sizes coming to stock with a cone and barrel combination.

This is a truck that is pretty versatile and you can use it for cruising, freeriding and carving immediately you unwrap it. The Sidewinder Trucks also come with brilliant bushings that make them great for some stunt longboarding.

It’s guaranteed that you will have no issue mounting these trucks onto your favored drop-through deck. This truck is new to the Gullwing Sidewinder line up and is the latest one added to the reverse kingpin category.

Bear Grizzly 852 181mm Skateboard Trucks (Set Of 2)

Bear Grizzly 852 181mm Skateboard Trucks (Set Of 2)Price Range: $$
Rating: 4.2

The 852 Bear Grizzly longboard truck is the most versatile one that is available on the market and is of low degree. If you are looking for a very stable truck that ranges from your standard fifty then you need look no further. When you ride on a forty base plate, these trucks are made for higher speeds, and much cleaner slides.

They have a raked hanger which will give you a decent amount of carve & leverage, coupled with a deep bushing seat for ensured stability and restrictiveness. The hangers that are faced and clean casting will give you a smooth ride and awesome look as you ride by your friends.

This particular truck is available in black. It is stealthy and quite low slung, get yourself a set and move faster with increased confidence. Its lower degree makes the truck to sit lower so ideally, you need to use a 25 inch riser to help prevent any potential wheel bite.

The 852 Bear Grizzly is your standard all rounded truck. It has undergone many years of testing and refining by professional skateboard riders. It production is of very high quality high as well. The Grizzly trucks are cast using special casting formula to ensure there is maximization of strength.

Paris 50 180mm Longboard Trucks

Paris 50 180mm Longboard TrucksPrice Range: $$
Rating: 4.2

The 50 180 mm Paris trucks Paris Trucks were made with a consideration of incredible turning, durability and beauty in mind. Not only do they turn very well, they will also give you a lifetime guarantee that you can be assured that they will be on your board for many years to come.

These trucks are reinforced with quality virgin aluminum. As compared to many other trucks that are out min the market, these trucks have no left over aluminum that usually results from old pours that are thrown back into the melting pot.

Every Paris Truck is constructed with brand new pure material then gravity molded. This means that each truck is laid over and then spun inside the mold which results in a stronger more solid molecular bond.

There is a secondary heat treatment process that they are put through that adds strength and durability to the eventual product.

The Paris Trucks have been designed to look nice and react pretty quickly. There’s no doubt about the care and quality of these trucks shining through.

Randall R-11 180mm Longboard Trucks Set of 2

Randall R-11 180mm Longboard Trucks Set of 2Price Range: $$
Rating: 4.2

This are high quality Longboard truck that are able to support larger riders. Trucks play an important role in the overall way the board rides. For people who are beginners when they know that they can slow their skateboard down when it starts going too fast boosts their confidence.

Having secured its place as the longboard truck industry, Randall has constantly produced a high quality items that riders have enjoyed for more than forty years. Their solid construction lets them support much larger riders.

They are also flexible enough to react to your movements as you ride should you happen to weigh less. These trucks are made to perform way better than any other trucks that are available in the market right now.

The Randall comes made with perfect bushings to ensure an amazing ride right from when you get it off the shelf. If you are looking for a longboard truck that is going to ensure that your stability is maintained during relatively high speeds and give you a proper, comfortable turn radius, then you need to give these trucks a look.

Paris Raw 180mm Truck

Best Longboard TrucksPrice Range: $$
Rating: 4.2

The 180mm Paris Raw trucks exemplify superb quality products and keen attention to detail. With a sturdy, lightweight construction, these trucks will help take a lot of the work out of your longboarding activities. Their solid design enables them to handle anything that you will throw at them.

Their 180 mm hanger is the most ideal size for almost any available deck and can be incorporated into a wide variety of riding manners. They are equipped with an aluminum gravity designed baseplates. They undergo secondary heat treatment to ensure there is increased durability and additional strength.

The unique Divine Urethane bushings will give you the best in rebound control and will dampen vibration hence this truck is ideal for almost any type of rider.

Paris Raw have been making trucks for years and this upgraded 180 mm version is a finely modeled version that draws inspiration from their original longboard truck.

These Paris trucks will also give you a very “surfy” feel as a result of the extra shallow bushing seat. This will allows you to have better kingpin clearance hence letting you do your carves hard with no restrictions.

Things to consider before buying a best longboard trucks

Before you buy yourself longboard trucks, here are a number of factors to consider so that you get the purchase just right.

How secure is your base plate

If you need your truck well balanced, then ensure that your baseline is properly fitted and functioning at its optimum level. The baseplate is the flat bit of the truck that forms the connection to the skate deck.

It’s usually mounted on to the deck through 4 or 6 holes. Normally, the baseplate is made to give even pressure and a proper hold for the truck.

Coupled with the kingpin, which is arguably the most crucial part of a truck with a large bolt, they hold the entire truck together. Many kingpins are however replaceable so should they break, you don’t have to buy a new truck.

The fitting of bushings

Bushings are made to have an effect on the way the board will react to you as you ride it. They are usually made of rubber and they act to provide cushion between different parts of the truck that are in motion as they twist and turn during the ride.

Conventional skateboards have 2 bushings with every truck so with there being two trucks, there are four in total. Bushings come in different degrees of toughness. The harder a bushing is, the more resistance the longboard will give to whatever input you exert.

The condition is the hanger in

The process of attaching wheels to your longboard should be seamless. The hanger which is a T-shaped area on the trucks made of an alloy of aluminum.

It is on this area that you are going to attach the wheels to the truck. This bit of the truck is going to come into direct contact with rails & curbs as you pull off your grinds.

It is very important that the hanger is constructed using durable material. You can add risers to your truck raise the board higher off the ground and to increase shock resistance.

Final Verdict

This confidence which results from having good longboard trucks will allow you as a rider to progress quickly. The aim of this Best longboard trucks review is to give riders like you general information of how some of the longboard trucks available in the market work, and then give you some recommendations on types that are popular among skaters.

When it comes to trucks, there are many brands that are available to you. Research is needed in order for you to know and choose the truck that is perfect for your style.

When you get the truck that works perfectly for you, you will immediately see your performance on the skateboard increase, and you will get enjoy your riding experience have even more fun.

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