Atom Pintail Longboard Reviews

Product Name:Atom Pintail Longboard
Weight:1.6 pounds
Size:39 x 10 x 4 inches
Type:Pintail Longboard
Atom Pintail Longboard Reviews

For one to own a long board, there must be a longing that comes with it The spirit go hand in hand with the passion for skating. Not everyone loves skating but for the lovers then they will do anything to get hold of a suitable skate board And Atom Pintail Longboard perfect for everyone.

This is usually in order to get great pleasure for the ride. The hunger for a skate ride can not be satisfied until one learns how to ride it It is this same passion that riders takes it to city streets, school corridors and at the parks.

Skating is even taken off streets to competition grounds where those who feel confident show off their skills on the skate board through racing and other skate surfing skills.

They usually do this for a trophy and more if not often for fame, but above all due to the passion within. That is why the best board for every kind has to be Atom Pintail Longboard.

Who is the Atom Pintail Longboard designed for?

  • Any skate beginner.
  • Young generation especially those who are schooling.
  • Professional skaters.

Features Of Atom Pintail Longboard

Atom Pintail Longboard  is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Atom Pintail Longboard is a one of the best in our Longboards List.

ShapeAtom Pintail Longboard Review

The size of these boards are relatively large and spacious. The matter that makes this boards aredesigned fit size that is very friendly to the user.

The service area of the shape is the best shape for you have enough space to move your feet and adjusting the position you are standing at Their length also comes in handy and therefore a suitable board.

This shape in general is preferable for a long board for it avoids wheels bite.


These boards come in different and colorful designs. This is so that they can suit all groups of people. Ladies are very careful on colors during the purchase.

This longboards come in attractive and lovely variety of colors for their perusal. Their smoothness also is a factor of their design that can not be overlooked. The wheels come in very lovely designs and also colors.

Their designs are also pimped and attractive especially to the male genders. Moderate wheel design are also in handy.

Atom Pintail Longboard

Atom Pintail Longboard

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We start with the bamboo decks variety. This are mostly for the beginners and learners. Others are in metallic hardware and hence their durability is a guarantee for the owner.

Metallic alloy like aluminiumhave been used to design the boards. this is is an advantage because the painting becomes very smooth and the rusting of the board is very rare.

Wheel materials are quality that are long lasting and withstanding the environments and the nature of the roads too.

StabilityAtom Pintail Longboard Reviews

The deck is what a skater steps on The comfort and stability of this board is the factor that comes in handy for the user. The ride becomes care free and fun.

This is the beginners key feature to avoid his/her been weary of the training or even giving up the training. The board has a fairly big deck which is the most preferred shape for a long board.

The decks are less bulky, some maple lamination, full cover of a grip tape then classical and practical shape and low riding long board.


The material used to design these boards have been made with the purpose of a long term relationship for the board and the owner. The costs may be a bit high for a quality board but the service rendered is worth the cost.

These boardhave factored in durable wheel quality. These wheels will withstand the road types and the surrounding including the roughness.

The materials can also withstand the temperature changes and weather factor. The painting has been selected to withstand the sarne.

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  • They are long lasting.
  • They come in verious varieties.
  • Best boards for the beginners
  • They are relatively cheap.
  • Saves on cost of travelling.


  • Can cause an accident that causes minor injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How durable is it?


Q: Will it be better that my previous skate board?


Q: What is its key feature?


Q: How is the experience of others who owe one?


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Final Verdict

Many people who owe skateboards usually because of the passion of skating. Many who love skating will go to any length to satisfy their inner hunger. The purchase of a skateboard is just the beginning of a long term relationship to someones passion.

Therefore the next step is training and practicing until one is a competent rider. Many will love to skate in the streets and off streets. Others take it to the school corridors.That is why skating is mostly for the young generation and professionals who are mostly youths too.

Therefore owning a quality Atom Pintail Longboard is a considerable factor to go for especially when one is a beginner. Although skating long board has its cons, its has pros too which are determining factor for many who owe an Atom Pintail Longboard.

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