Jaseboards Kick 38 longboard Review

Product Name:Jaseboards Kick 38
Model:Kick 38

Do you want to cruise and experiment with different styles and have fun? Get the Jaseboards Kick 38 longboard Review. The board has a Hawaii design and the manufacturer uses a mix of Canadian and Bamboo maple, an enduring material.

The board has the unique ability of performing different styles. Jaseboards Kick 38 longboard has big wheels, which can withstand tough terrain. The bearings in the wheels are heavy and hard and do not rust.

A firm grip tape is in place to assure the rider of safety and security. You can choose to skate, freeride, surf or cruise and do it all with this board. It is easy to maneuver and safe enough to experiment and enjoy.

Who can use this product?

This board is good for all groups of riders, from beginners, learners, children, and even professionals.

Features of Jaseboards Kick 38 longboard

Jaseboards Kick 38 longboard is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Jaseboards Kick 38 longboard is a one of the best in our Longboards List.

Perfect for CruisingJaseboards Kick 38 longboard

The wheels of this board are huge, strong, and firm. They can withstand tough terrain without breaking or wearing out.

The bearings in the wheels are heavy duty and do not rust or crack. This makes the board very stable and firm even in high speed.

The tail in the board assists in easy maneuvering and cruising perfect. The tail is spacious enough to move feet around as you change styles while cruising. This makes this board a perfect choice for cruising anytime, anywhere.

Jack of all Trades

The features of this board make it possible for a rider to experiment with different styles. You can have fun surfing, skating, freeriding, or cruising all on this one board.

The security measures put in place support these different styles of riding. The grip tape is firm and does not break or peel. Jaseboards Kick 38 longboard is ideal for all groups of people. This is great saving as one board can serve one family if on tight budget.

Jaseboards Kick 38 longboard

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Strong Wheels

The strength and stability of a board comes from the wheels. You ride in confidence when wheels are strong. The manufacturer of this board understands that very well. The wheels of this board measure 76mm x 53mm 83a PUKA. They are big and strong. They can handle any tough terrain and endure any corner or turn.

The bearing in the wheels are very hard and do not rust or crack. The fitting is firm and wheels cannot get off as you cruise. You will enjoy a long period of riding on these long lasting wheels.

Good for Sidewalk SurfingJaseboards Kick 38 longboard

If you are looking for a gift for your child, choose Jaseboards Kick 38 longboard. It has a nice and attractive design. The board performs different riding styles ranging from cruising, surfing, skating, and freeriding.

It is ideal for sidewalk surfing and is just the right measurement. It has a 7’ tail, which makes it easy to maneuver. This feature allows swift between styles and is safe and secure.

The child will be excited with the freedom to surf on the sidewalk while others walk.

Easy to Handle

Most riders want the freedom to experiment with different riding styles. The Jaseboards Kick 38 longboard allows you to free your imagination. The board has a 7’ tail which helps in maneuvering and tackling sharp turns. The tail has plenty of room for quick movements of feet when maneuvering the board.

This longboard performs different riding styles from surfing, cruising, freeriding and skating. The 7’ tail helps in random switch between styles as you ride. Make use of the strong grip tape as you ride to get maximum safety and security, enjoy.

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  • Easy to maneuver
  • Huge wheels
  • Ideal for everyone
  • Performs different riding styles
  • Perfect for cruising


  • Not low enough to the ground

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does this board perform better?

A. The 7” tails gives you freedom to safely experiment with different styles and tricks while cruising.

Q. Is the board long lasting?

A. The board has high quality components, which withstand varied weather conditions. The material in the board is firm and strong and lasts for long period.

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Final Verdict

The Jaseboards Kick 38 longboard is a perfect board for riders who want to experiment on styles. It is supports varied riding styles and is a great saving. It is easy to handle and maneuver and is ideal for users of all ages.

The 7’ tail gives you the freedom to switch between styles at an instance. The wheels are firm and strong and make the board stable. The price is a great saving. Get one and experiment the experience today.

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