Moose Kicktail Longboard Complete Review

Product Name:Moose Kicktail Longboard Complete
Weight:6.75 pounds
Size:4.9 x 9.6 x 43 inches
Type:Pintail Shape

Are you in need of a skateboard that will make you go from zero excitement level to a 101 excitement level? Well, we have a skateboard that you will automatically love because of its ability to function effectively without any errors or inefficiencies related to it.The Moose Kicktail Longboard Complete , a new definition of fun comes with a number of unique features that tempt its amazing performance.

This skateboard has a Canadian maple construction, wheels, aluminum alloy trucks and a black grip tape. Coming in multi colors, this is the most appropriate skateboard to have to make your days rock. 

The longboard is such that it can allow a more runny ride allowing its users to make turns that look like the movement of surfing or any type of freeride snowboarding. This is the go-to item, this is the solution.

Who is this product designed for?

  • This great skateboard is well designed for learners and well experienc4ed skaters alike. It serves the needs and interests of all those who find passion in skating.

Features Of  Moose Kicktail Longboard Complete

Moose Kicktail Longboard Complete is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Moose Kicktail Longboard Complete is a one of the best in our Longboard List.

9- Inch*43-Inch Pintail shapeMoose Kicktail Longboard Complete review

Just as you have heard that pintail boards are the best; well you are not wrong because they are, and today we bring to you a skateboard that is pintail shaped and not symmetrical which means better movement and better grip.

Skateboards have this feature which means that wavelength diverted off the core of this board fuels the hypothalamus to a great extent. This feature makes skateboards fun carvers and you will feel all thorough is trend and fun.

Canadian Maple Construction

Canadian maples are always known for strength and durability. This product we have for you is made of Canadian Maple which is one of the strongest and most light woods ever.

This leads to enhanced durability and makes sure that the skateboard is strong and stable all through. Canadian Maple is one of the most incredible woods to use for the assembling of skateboards and here we have the Moose Kicktail that is made from that.

Moose Kicktail Longboard Complete

Moose Kicktail Longboard Complete

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Black 71m 81a Wheels

If you are wondering what exactly you should look for in purchasing a great skateboard, here is the answer; the wheels. Wheels are the first thing that we check if we purchase a skateboard because they play an important role in determining the speed you use, the ability to control your movements and the exact way you feel the board. Black wheels are usually the most ideal to go for and with a feature like this; you should not miss out on our product.

Black grip tapeMoose Kicktail Longboard

Having a skateboard with a gentle yet effective grip is a plus to your safety and comfort while skating.

This item has a grip tape that is made of a tough material to make it stay more durable and stable for a long duration of time.

This skateboard has your interest at heart and it will never fail you whichever the case. Buy from us a new method of fun and thrill. Buy the Moose Cocktail Longboard.

Aluminum alloy truck

We all know that aluminum is a durable material that will have you use it for ages. This skateboard has a aluminum alloy trucks that show a refined organization and distinctive framework.

With such, this product can be able to perform more efficiently and effectively. if you want to experience a new sensation of amazement and delight in skating, take this product, it offers you 100% performance and makes you have fun while skating.

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  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Provides over-the-top performance
  • Stable and comfortable.


  • The wheels can get loose

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this item durable?

A: Yes, this item is very durable.

Q: Will this item be stable for my little son?

A: Yes. This item is stable and very comfortable.

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Final Verdict

Whenever you purchase any product, you should check on the performance and the cost of the product. However, another key element to consider is the benefits you can get from using the product.

The benefits of Moose skateboard are; it is stable, durable, convenient, and easy to use, provides superior performance among other unique features to consider.

This is the number one skateboard and it will surely blow your mind away. It comes at a price that fits your budget and it is worth every single penny. Purchase a new feeling of perfection and excellence.

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