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Sector 9 Ireland Bamboo Complete Longboard Review

Sector 9 Ireland Bamboo Complete Longboard Review

Are you a Sector 9 series fan? If you are then you’ll be happy to know that the good folk from over there have done it again. This time they have brought you the Sector 9 Ireland Bamboo Complete Longboard Review [38 inches] .

If you are not familiar with Sector 9 boards, you just need to know that they are simply the best quality longboards you can currently find on the market.

The Sector 9 Bamboo Ireland Complete Longboard is a board that features speed and stability thus making it the ultimate skateboard for, cruising, sliding, carving and downhill riding.

This high quality professional speed board is constructed using high-performing features & parts, which will allow you to have a worthwhile riding experience.

If a skateboard that will be your friend on your wild adventures is something that interests you, then this product will definitely interest you.

Whom is this product designed for?

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    The Sector 9 Ireland Bamboo 38″ Complete Longboard is made especially for skaters who have had an experience in skating. Learners too will find this board useful.
    Intermediate skaters

Features Of Sector 9 Ireland Bamboo Complete Longboard

Sector 9 Ireland Bamboo 38 Longboard is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Sector 9 Ireland Bamboo 38 Complete Longboard is a one of the best in our Longboards List.

Excellent Drop-Through Design

The Sector 9 Bamboo Ireland Complete Longboard is constructed out of rigid multi ply Canadian Maple.

This fantastically crafted board can be described as a work of art, due to the numerous benefits it will offer you as you ride the board.

The Maple deck acts to reduce flex, thus ensuring that any shock produced when traveling over uneven surfaces is absorbed.

Amazing Cut-out design

One other great feature of the Sector 9 Ireland Bamboo Complete Longboard  is its cut-out design. This enables existence of better wheel clearance than any other board on the market.

Any sort of wheel bite, only occurs when the deck of your skateboard happens to meet the wheels, which results in the scratching on your board.

Due to the wheel clearance of the Sector 9 Bamboo Ireland Complete Longboard, wheel bite is completely prevented, and this ensures extension of your board’s lifespan.

Concave Drop Through

Maximum control is a great aspect that skaters look for in a skateboard. The Sector 9 Bamboo Ireland Complete Longboard has this amazing aspect that is its curvature, which quite simply refers to the curve throughout the width of the deck.

This concave design will help you to lock your feet into a properly secure position, enabling you to have maximum control over the board as you ride it. This curvature also has an effect on the manner in which your board responds to force given off by your feet as you ride.

Multi-Ply Super Flex Hardwood Maple Artisan Bamboo Deck

Being that, it’s considered the most crucial feature of any longboard, the deck needs to encompass the needs of all users regardless of their experience or size.

That being said, the hardwood seven ply maple bamboo makes the deck light weight. This does in turn, make it conveniently portable without necessarily weighing you down.

In addition to this, it will make the deck sturdy such that it is difficult to crack.

Versatile Use

The Sector 9 Ireland Bamboo 38 Complete Longboard  can be used for quite a number of riding applications, thus making it one of the most versatile skateboards that are out in the market right now.

The quite rightly stiff deck, hard, wide wheels, and lightweight construction of this board makes it very suitable for speeding, doing tricks, carving and turning. You can hence use this skateboard for commuting, downhill riding and sliding.


  • Versatile riding applications
  • Great drop through design
  • Quick speeds
  • Easy to turn
  • Fantastic maneuverability
  • Stable riding


  • Bearings might need to be replaced

Sector 9 Ireland Bamboo Complete Longboard Review - video

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the specifications of the Sector 9 Bamboo Ireland Complete Longboard?

A. It measures 38 inches by 9 inches, and weighs 6.8 pounds.

Q. What graphics can you choose from, when buying the Sector 9 Bamboo Ireland Complete Longboard?

A. This longboard has about 15 graphics to choose from.

Final Verdict

It’s plain truth to see that the Sector 9 Ireland Bamboo Complete Longboard  offers you fantastic performance for cruising and downhill riding hence making it one of the best longboards in its price range.

So if you’re looking for fast speeds and excellent stability, then this speed board is right for you. The drop through design is meant to give the skateboard a lower center of gravity which significantly reduces any chance of you falling off as you ride it.

Bi-directional, solid multi ply Canadian Maple for solidity and the drop through design will work to provide the ultimate riding experience. Go out and get yours today.

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