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Arbor Axis Bamboo Complete Longboard Review

Arbor Axis Bamboo Complete Longboard Review [ 40 |nch ]

Are you an environmentally conscious skater looking for a beautiful, flexible board that will offer you excellent support? If you are then I can guarantee that you will love riding the Arbor Axis Bamboo Complete Longboard Review. 

The Arbor Axis Longboard has a symmetrical shape that draws inspiration from the snowboard which is guaranteed to offer you quick, rail to rail performance.

It also has a drop-through mounting which will ensure that you have a more ergonomic push and that you get power through turns and slides.This board can take rough riding sessions.

Its deck has radial, flex & camber concave to make it convenient for long distance pushing.You are going to be thoroughly impressed by the quality of this board as well as its design and artistic finish. Not only is it a very useful and reliable outdoor item, this set is all durable.


Product name:

Arbor Axis Bamboo Complete Longboard, 40-Inch






10 pounds




3.9 x 12.2 x 45.4 inches

Who is this product designed for?

  • The skateboard is well designed for young upcoming skaters of teenage ages.
    Intermediate skaters

Features Of Arbor Axis Bamboo Complete Longboard

Arbor Axis Bamboo Complete Longboard is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Arbor Axis Bamboo Complete Longboard is a one of the best in our Longboards List.

Great Trucks and Wheels

This board is fitted with a Gull wing that measures 10 inches and offers optimum and excellent support. Wheels for these longboards come in varied colors so the board gives you different options if you have an eye for art and looks.

The well-designed board has been fitted with wheel cut outs that help get rid of wheel bites. The wheels also help to ensure the right traction & friction on various assets is maintained so you will be able to get a taste of comfortable riding throughout.

Made of sturdy maple wood and bamboo

A skater always wants a board that will offer them great support. This Arbor Axis Bamboo Longboard is made from flexible, quality sturdy maple wood and is topped off with layers of very high quality bamboo in order to bring a lightweight & unique component to the longboard.

Its symmetrical design will give you a lot of support to if you want to use it for sliding or shredding. Its bamboo top sheet is also topped with a glass grip that’s clear to gives the board a great look.

Dual shaped, concave Deck Style

This board’s deck style and design is of drop through nature & it features a 7 ply maple wood & bamboo make up. Its dual shaped, concave deck surface will give you a great riding experience.

Its deck type is quite flexible, and it’s coupled with a water based finish on top that will give off a great vibe. Not only is this board a one of a kind but it will surely draw the attention of other people.

Visual Contribution by Nanami Cowdroy

The main feature of this type of longboards is that they have designs that are done by renowned artist Nanami Cowdroy making them unique pieces of art.

They have an eye-catching design that is accompanied with very cool looks and a brilliant color combination.

They seem to fit in perfectly with the visual requirements of the present young people and modern skateboarders. You need to get this longboard and make a style statement not only to your friends but the entire world.

Fitted with Plastic Fiber

The Arbor Axis Bamboo Complete Longboard are fitted with recycled plastic fibers that allow them to be socially making contribution by reducing pollution.

All the boards are sealed with a special water based component that works as a sanding sealer. This reduces the dust spread formed by board sliding on surfaces. It is about time you resorted to a more eco-friendly product which will contribute to nature in a more positive manner.


  • This board is appropriate for carving and cruising.
  • The symmetrically designed wheels drop to reduce any chance of wheel bites.
  • Durable and provides the needed stability.
  • Made of eco-friendly bamboo & high quality maple wood.


  • The grip may at times degrade away.
Arbor Axis Bamboo 2017 Complete Longboard New Premium Setup
  • Arbor Axis Bamboo 2017 Complete Longboard Measures 40"
  • Paris 180mm Longboard Trucks
  • Arbor Outlook 70mm 78a Longboard Wheels
  • Arbor Clear Grip Tape Applied
  • Comes Fully Assembled and Ready to Ride

Arbor Axis Bamboo Complete Longboard Review - Watch Below

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Question-1: Do the board’s wheels come from the summit series?

Answer: Yes, they do

Question-2: Does this board come with grip tape?

Answer: Yes, it comes with a grip tape already applied.

Final Verdict

Even if it is your first time riding a board of any sort, you will be glad to go with this board. The artist design is simply brilliant and the grip fits very well. You are going to love being able to see the bamboo. You’ll get lots of compliments on how great your board looks.

You can stay assured of the fact that Arbor Axis Bamboo longboard’s quality is sure to make you feel very happy. Every bit of money you will spend on this longboard will be worth it. You can be indeed proud to have bought this board since you will have contributed to the well-being of nature.

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