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Atom PinTail Longboard Review

Atom PinTail Longboard Review [39-Inch]

Are you looking for that perfect blend between price and performance? Well, if your answer is yes, look no further. The versatile Atom PinTail Longboard 39 Inch is the perfect entry-level longboard with a totally inexpensive price tag, designed to perfection to appease its loyal users.

If you are a beginner, Atom Pin-Tail is sure to offer you the greatest balance and stability to boost your confidence. If you are accustomed to the adrenaline rush, the Atom pin-tail is specially enhanced to enable you to make sharp turns easily even while going downhill.

Further, the Pintail shape is well elongated at the front and the rear sides, maintaining its classic shape which is surf-inspired. Easily put, the Atom pin-tail longboard is aerodynamically steered to be stable thus reducing the risks of wheel bites to almost zero.

Whether you are bouncing with one or just learning how to push, being wrong on this longboard is pretty hard.


Product name:

Atom Pin-Tail Longboard (39-Inch)


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Whom Is This Product Designed for?

The Atom Pin-Tail Longboard 39 Inch is specially designed to suit the needs of beginning and intermediate skaters. The speed and stability associated with the longboard makes it ideal for anyone interested in skateboarding. In short it can work well with:

  • ​Intermediate skaters
    Intermediate skaters
  • ​Newbies
  • ​Experts in the game
    Experts in the game

Features Of Atom pin tail longboard 39 inch

Atom Pin-Tail Longboard 39 Inch is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Atom Pin-Tail Longboard 39 Inch is a one of the best in our Longboards List.

Laminate deck

To enable skaters’ feet to stick to the longboard irrespective of the weather, the upper side of the deck is totally covered with a high quality 80S grip tape, while the under is endowed with colorful and elaborate designs to brighten and complement the overall design of the longboard.

The deck in its own accord is well built and strong enough to withstand even the heaviest of skaters. This is an extraordinary trait.

Trucks and wheels

We all want longboards that will enable us to cruise smoothly without fear of losing stability. The Atom PinTail Longboard is specially enhanced with 65×35-millimeter super high rebound (SHR) urethane wheels to provide the highly essential stability especially when cruising at high speeds or when navigating corners.

That’s not all. This product has so much more kept for you. It is super stable and works wonders giving you endless excitement all through.

Longboard dimensions

The Atom Pin Tail Longboard 39 Inch has over time passed the tests of a true longboard. Whether skating at low or high speeds, the width of the Atom pin-tail longboard is made to give you the confidence you need while enjoying the whole experience.

The dimensions of the longboard are: Length = 39 inches; Width = 9.4 inches; Height = 6 inches and weighs 7.3 pounds. With its heavy mass, this longboard is unarguably steadier than the other lighter board.


Inside the wheels are ABEC-5 bearings designed to provide you with the traction and smooth gliding experience associated with skating. The aluminum made trucks are strong yet lightweight, increasing their endurance to harsh climatic conditions without getting damaged.

This is something that we all look forward to look at whenever we buy any longboard, the specifications such as the dimensions of the bearings and ABEC-5 works absolutely great for you.

39-Inch longboard with pin-tail

Manufactured by Atom and under the department of unisex-adult, this 40 *10*5 inch item is an icing on the cake. It is a complete 39-inch longboard that is extremely versatile and it features a classic pintail design that adds up to its adore.

The design and the concave cross section allow for easy carving. With absolutely 101{1ae12e84a065c7ce5c15c87ee4954bb945a0721891bfe52c8fcd0e9ba5cfaf5f} performance, you should not miss having this item with you. Have yours early enough.


  • Probably the most inexpensive, good cruising Longboard in the market today.
  • Great colors to choose from.
  • It is a great item with unlimited efficiency.


  • Due to its heavy mass, the longboard can easily snap.

Atom PinTail Longboard Review - Watch Below

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Question-1: How durable is the Longboard skateboard?

Answer: Depending on how it is used and the conditions under which it’s used, the longboard is designed to last for several years. The fact that it’s easier to upgrade makes it an ideal choice for beginners.

Question-2: Are the Atom Longboards easy to use?

Answer: Due to its refined weight, trucks and wheels, the Atom pin-tail Longboard skateboard is easy to use and to ride around with.

Final Verdict

Whether a seasoned skater or a newbie who just begun skating, the Atom Pin Tail Longboard 39 Inch is the perfect board that offers the perfect blend between cost and performance. Due to its good design, the fluidity of the whole experience is clearly established from the very first time you use the board.

In summary, the Atom pin-tail longboard looks great and awesome, feels great to skate with and is sold at a greatly convenient price, hence giving you great value for your money. You should definitely try it. Make your order today and join the bandwagon in enjoying smooth, seamless cruising using top-quality skating longboards. The experience is totally worth it.

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