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Best Longboard Decks Reviews And Guides 2018

Have you been craving to have skateboards that will not only excite you but also make you an expert in your game? Well, we have with us skateboards that are performance-oriented and very capable in their functioning. And we made a list of best longboard decks, let's check out.

Skateboards are the backbone of all skaters and thus, all skaters must keep in mind that they need to get the best of skateboards so that they can enjoy winning every single time. Performance and price are indirectly proportional and we can never rely on the fact that the more expensive the commodity, the greater the performance.

Therefore, whenever you go out to seek anything for yourself, you need to put in mind that sometimes you may get something inexpensive but still works really well with you.

If such a point exists, you should know that it is what your choice is that matters and we have with us examples of perfect skateboards to steer your game up.

Things to consider before purchasing BEST longboard decks

So your long board is getting outdated and boring to use; well, change is here specifically designed to bring you everlasting peace and joy. You have to consider a number of factors before purchasing skateboard decks.

The features of the longboard

Before you set up to go find yourself a longboard, you would need to take a look at the board features. The features that are in a certain longboard elaborate more on the functioning of the product.

These features are diverse and different when you look at one longboard to another. Analyzing the types and characteristics will assist you in getting the best for yourself.

Features that you should look at are: the shape, size and color among others. Look at what works best for you and get yourself something extraordinary and striking that will automatically suit your convenience.

Your ability level

We all know ourselves better; therefore when you set out to find a longboard, have a look at your ability level. Get to understand how well can you function. There are longboard styles, set-ups and designs that are specific for each type of riding.

However, since your main focus is skateboards, you need to get yourself an item that can beat all impossibilities. You have to be realistic in assessing your ability levels and with this in mind you will secure the best for yourself. Go for anything that will go as per your requirements and make you happy at the same time.

The Type of longboard skateboard

There are a variety of long board skateboards to choose from. The ball is always in your court. You know what you want your needs are and what skateboard will work well with your needs. Therefore, by knowing the type to use you will choose your selection by narrowing your decision.

Cruisers are mainly used as a means of transportation and downhills is mainly not for beginners. The downhill skateboards tend to have long wheels bases that lead to maximum stability and cruisers provide greater weight distribution. Select what works best for you.

Here are some products that you should consider

Moose Blank Skateboard Decks

For skaters who desire to have a product that works greatest for standby or replacement decks, this is the ideal thing for you. Packed up with fitness and idealism, this item is what you should possibly consider to have around you. It is a product that is made from 7-ply Canadian Maple which is a famous hardwood used in designation of the best skateboards you can ever find.

The 7-ply Canadian Maple is very durable and when used in a certain item, it for sure enhances the durability and performance of that item indefinitely. The Moose blank has dimensions of 20*15*15 inches and has a shipping weight of 1 pound.

It is the go-to item you should consider having in your home to provide you with amazing performance. Though this item is available for shipping to select countries outside the United States, it is not an eligible item for any form of international shipping.

Though it is a blank deck, it still has a deck with a nice pop and therefore this feel of the board and the pop, makes it a wow-item. It is concave with seven layers and a grip tape that makes you comfortable when sliding your foot.

Blank Longboard Deck Old School

So you are a skater and you wish to get yourself a uniquely designed skateboard that is made of 7-ply Canadian Maple; well this is what you have been looking for. This product that measure 20*15*15 inches is an amazing and plus item to have. It has shipping weight of 1 pound and it will make your riding, an icing on the cake.

It is an awesome and is super wide but maintains a proportional size of the tail and nose. It is of super quality and performs duper well. It works well on anything and its carving is dreams come true. It is also very cheap and comes at a price that you will not want to ignore.

What makes this OLD SCHOOL longboard deck more amazing is the fact that it is of very high quality and has great condition. It comes at a size of 33”*10” , has the most perfect shrink wrap, comes in multiple of colors, to bring it down(5) and has pre-drilled holes on the deck.

Comfort ability on its maximum is brought to your doorstep, all you need is to make an order, and there you are. Do not hesitate while the clock is still ticking.

Blank Longboard Deck OLD SCHOOL board 33' X 10' skateboard, Black
10 Reviews
Blank Longboard Deck OLD SCHOOL board 33" X 10" skateboard, Black
  • Size: 33" X 10"
  • With perfeck Shrink Wrap
  • Pre-drilled holes on the deck
  • Five colors
  • Black griptape on top !

Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Decks

Young energetic skaters always want a product that comes equipped with fantastic characteristics that will leave them mind-blown. This is a warning skateboard deck that is very special and has good quality.

It comes at a size of 7.5”*31”, a good size for you, right? It has great decks and has a shrink wrap. This product is manufactured by The Epic Sports and it symbolizes change and extreme ability.

It has shipping weight of 4 pounds and its dimensions go to 31*7.5*2 inches. It is always very hard to choose the best skateboard from the many available in the market. As a buyer and customer, you need to put your trust on your always main that never seeks to depress nor leave you unaware of what fits you.

We keep our customers in our minds whenever we bring something new to the market so that we do not end up disappointing them thus lose their trust on us. We always bring out the best every time your needs are concerned so that we do not let you feel miserable about what we have to offer for you.

Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck (Colors may vary 7.75-Inch)
325 Reviews
Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck (Colors may vary 7.75-Inch)
  • Blank skate board decks
  • Good for replacement decks
  • Manufactured in China

Surf one Robert August 5

This item is a complete longboard that showcases California surf style coming with 43.75 by 9.25 inches. It is made from 7-ply hard rock and it bears the silhouette of Robert August just as the name indicates.

This silhouette is crafted over the natural wood grain and grip tape that makes the image look as transparent as water. It is designed for carving and quick turns at the same time providing a very stable geometry. This geometry also allows for the adjustment of the caster angle.

It also has base plates and hangers that are interchangeable, a grade 8 king pin and give you a lifetime guarantee. Wow.It has shape 89 and concave design of mellow KXL. This mellow KXL makes it an appropriate item for any cruising activities and the Randal R-II 180-millimeter trucks makes this item deliver very quick and stable carving.

This is a way to go for you and a way to go for perfection. This item also has all terrain ATF formula wheels and high performance bones reds bearings. Well, the features are beyond measure, aren’t they? Learn more about bearings here.

Surf One Robert August 5 Complete Skateboard (Natural, 7.5-Inch)
15 Reviews
Surf One Robert August 5 Complete Skateboard (Natural, 7.5-Inch)
  • Robert August 5 longboard with seven-ply hard rock maple deck pressed in Santa Barbara
  • Mellow KXL concave with a kick tail and slight kick in nose
  • 65-millimeter, 80a ATF formula wheels
  • Randal R-II 180-millimeter trucks; high performance Bones Reds bearings
  • Warranted against de-lamination and/or defects for the board's usable life

Blank Skateboard Decks

Most skating gurus want a product that will maximize their performance and balance. The blank skateboard decks are an exemption that provides you with durability that is not die-soon. This product is manufactured by SCSK8, a blend of pure quality and ability.

It has dimensions of 31.7*8*2 inches. It is properly crafted to ensure that its users have a whole blast when playing.It is made of 7 ply maple standard maple which is a very durable hardwood and can last you more than a decade.

Durability has been a major concern whenever skateboards are concerned and being made from 7 ply maple show how efficient it is in its functioning and coordination so as to bring out impeccable results. Do you want to a product that will go an extra mile to fulfill your desires?

This product points out perfection and sells impeccability. This is a 100{1ae12e84a065c7ce5c15c87ee4954bb945a0721891bfe52c8fcd0e9ba5cfaf5f} stable skateboard deck that outwits any other when it comes to having a good time with colleagues, regular skating as well as practicing of tricks. Take your time and find out what leaves you speechless from our market line. Take a selection that leaves you in awe.

SCSK8 Skateboard Deck Pro Maple 8.0 inches with Grip Tape
46 Reviews
SCSK8 Skateboard Deck Pro Maple 8.0 inches with Grip Tape
  • SCSK8 7 ply Natural Maple Standard Skateboar Deck
  • Concave: Deep
  • Free Pro Grip Tape

How to Choose THE best Longboard Decks - WATCH NOW BELOW

Final Verdict

Choosing the right skateboard should not be a bother anymore. We have summarized all the various product features and have brought you to that point that you will be rational enough to make a good choice. Skateboards are meant to bring you fun moments and enjoyment, right?

The above five have characteristics that will make you go crazy and not want to miss out. They are a combination of brilliance and merit and we have never ceased to bring magic to you. These are the real perceptions of skateboards. Have your order delivered to you today.

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