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Best Longboard Wheels Reviews And Guides

Are you ready to get the Best Longboard Wheels ever? Do you know that wheels are the backbone of longboards? Well, we have with us a collection of some of the most ideal wheels to go for but you need to take keen interest in understanding what each item directs you to.

Wheels can be large or small depending on what goes best with you. The wheels with large width move more easily over the cracks and offer better transition and wheels with small width provide a lower center of gravity promoting stability.What goes best with you?

Do you choose wheels based on how hard they are or how soft these wheels are? Everyone views things in a different perspective and we therefore have to be really attentive and take less haste whenever it comes to choosing what is most appropriate in serving us.

We hereby urge you to give more time in analyzing what we have in store for you which am 101{1ae12e84a065c7ce5c15c87ee4954bb945a0721891bfe52c8fcd0e9ba5cfaf5f} sure, will move you tremendously.

Things to consider before Buying A Best Longboard Wheels

Here are some five best longboard wheels that you can deeply analyze and catch the best for you. However, there are some aspects to consider before purchasing Best Longboard Wheels.

The Diameter of the wheels

The diameter is a very essential element to look at when choosing for yourself great longboard wheels. A known fact is that the larger the wheels, the faster they work and the smaller the wheels, the quicker the acceleration.

Small wheels usually have less inertia to overcome and larger wheels have a high road speed for probably the same rotating speed. You definitely know what goes well with you and you need to take your time to choose something that defines your capabilities. With that in mind, hopefully, you will take consideration when choosing best longboard wheels.


Weight of the wheels

Heavier wheels roll better but they also carry more inertia whilst slanting. This actually means that it’s harder to take control of heavy wheels especially when sliding and when breaking grip.

Therefore go for something flexible and comfortable and can make you have control of your game all through. You may look for wheels that have huge vented cores to save up on weight or wheels that will just be average enough to work in any season and any game and still keep you happy.

The Contact Patch


A contact patch is the width of the wheels that gets directly into contact with the ground when you are in the game. The wider the contact patch, the less progressive the slide is or the more the grip but still the less likelihood for you to get flat spots. Contrary, the narrower the wheels, the looser they are and the slider they get.

Therefore, you have to take thought of what outcome will go as per your needs and abilities. We all need direction whenever we set out to purchase anything for our family or ourselves.

Top 5 Best Longboard Wheels reviews

Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels

This wheels that are manufactured by Powell Peralta are the perfect type to go for if you want wheels that are very soft and just an excellent old school style. They come in two colors, black and blue and they are the softest piece ever.

Highly ranked by most of customers, you sure wouldn’t want to lose your pair. They have a standard size of 8*10mm and they are smooth and roll perfectly well. Though they do not come with bearings, they are a set of perfection. They go really well with vert, downhill and cruising.They are big and heavy and can also be used in early street tricks.

They are pretty, fast, responsive and maneuverable. They ride really well on urban terrain and they have the most flawless of grips. They perform well when turning or under load and they set you flying. They have the most impeccable quality with ability to work like crazy.

If you have been singing performance, see it real with the Powell Peralta Rat Bones. A new name, a change and a set of pros with no cons. Hurry up and get yours now. Find exclusiveness and ability from our collection. Right on track.

Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels
105 Reviews
Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels
  • POWELL P RAT BONES BLACK 85a 60mm Skateboard Wheels

Bones Wheels 100’s Assorted Colored Wheels

All BONES Wheels come with a warranty and the Bones Wheels 100’s assorted longboard wheels are no exception. They come at a range of unique and amazing colors. They have a diameter of 51mm and hardness range of 100. They are formula “original” and have dimensions of 1*1*1 inches.

They have a shipping weight of 1 pound and can be available for shipping to select countries outside the Unites States but are not eligible for international shipping. They are an amazing and fabulous set that will be great for your money.

You can be able to mix and match due to the availability of four different colors and they ride so smooth. This is exactly what you may call cheap and best. They are of super quality and these wheels will fit in for any skater out there.

The wheels absorb all the cracks and the bumps and you can thus automatically rely on them. Wouldn’t you want to have yours now? This is a go-to item that is inexpensive, convenient, comfortable and durable. It is a new way of saying that the game should get really tough this time round. Well, don’t hesitate to take yours home.

Bones Wheels 100's Assorted Colored Wheels
38 Reviews
Bones Wheels 100's Assorted Colored Wheels
  • Diameter: 51mm
  • 30mm
  • New for 2011
  • Hardness: 100
  • Formula: "Original"

Orangatang Stimulus 70mm Longboard Skate Wheels

Young energetic skaters always want to have a blast with the yellow, orange or purple stimulus wheels. The Orangatang Stimulus 70mm Wheels are trendy. They come in three shades: yellow of durometer 86a, purple of durometer 83a and orange of durometer 80a. This item is 70mm tall and has a contact patch of 42mm. The stimulus wheels are intended for consistent, hard carving, controlled and grippy slides.

They have double rounded lips and a stone ground in surface for the smooth slides out of the box. The wide contact patches offer reliable grip and they are designed to grip when desired and to slide so smooth and steady when wanted. Manufactured by Orangatang and this product is intended to improve on the current caliber of freeride longboard riding.

It has a shipping weight of 1.65 pounds and a package height of 5.5*6.3*6.3 inches. These wheels are flawless and offer super smooth slides. They are durable and you can be ensured of long lasting swiftness for long boarding activities.

These wheels exceed your expectations, whether you it’s a zippy run downhill or laid back cruise on the flattest of grounds or anything, they are just wow. Take yours now before getting late for the best.

Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Freeride Longboard Skateboard Wheels (Set of 4)
100 Reviews
Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Freeride Longboard Skateboard Wheels (Set of 4)
  • VERSATILE FREERIDE WHEELS - The Orangatang Stimulus is the perfect mid-sized longboard wheel for freestyle tricks, dancing, and freeriding.
  • PERFECTLY SIZED - At 70mm in diameter, the Stimulus is large enough to carry plenty of speed and roll over debris while still being light and quick for tricks and slides.
  • SMOOTH SLIDES - Rounded lips and a stone-ground contact patch ensure smooth, predictable slides right out of the box and throughout the life of the wheel.
  • HAPPY THANE - The original Orangatang urethane formula is fast, smooth, plush, and grippy with a buttery-smooth slide. Now available in four durometers: 77a (blue), 80a (orange), 83a (purple), and 86a (yellow).
  • STRONG, SUPPORTIVE CORE - The encapsulated core maintains a smooth ride and supports the lips for crisp slides and even wear.

Sunset Skateboards Cruiser Wheels With ABEC-9 Bearings

This is a 59mm four pack wheel set that is cast in the highest of quality clear 78a Poly-Urethane to provide the smoothest and softest cruiser ride you will ever desire. These are flare LED wheels that offer the most luminous LEDs in the industry and they can glow, yes glow for a confounding 100,000 hours.

The four ultra-bright LEDs brighten up each of the wheel’s crystal clear Poly-Urethane bringing your skateboard existence in both the days and nights. Amazingly, these wheels do not have batteries. They are self-powered and each wheel is imprinted with our sunset flare logo.

Manufactured by Sunset Skateboards, this item is available for shipping to select countries outside the Unites States of America but is not really eligible for any sort of international shipping. It has shipping weight of 1.4 pounds and a package height of 2.1*5.3*5.5 inches.

It is super fun to see this glow that is inbuilt when rolling around at night or dusk. You can use this wheel on certain points, let say A to B transportation and not really like any long boarder’s slide or speed wheel. This is the perfect definition of fun and thrill.

Sunset Skateboards Cruiser Wheel with ABEC-9 Bearing (4-Pack)
112 Reviews
Sunset Skateboards Cruiser Wheel with ABEC-9 Bearing (4-Pack)
  • 59mm x 45mm Standard Cruiser Wheel Size / 78a
  • No batteries ever required
  • Brightest LED wheels in the industry

BigFoot Longboard Wheels

The Big Foot Longboard Wheels is a product manufactured by Big Foot that has shipping weight of 1.5 pounds. It offers a modified high rebound formula which is new and based on the rider response. It has 80 a hardness and has a 51mm wide footprint that makes it ideal for any rider that is looking for faster boarding and smooth ride.

These wheels are good for sliding too. The product has ABEC 9 bearings and a set (4) of brand new longboard wheels specifically designed for your set up.The wheels are in perfect shrink wrap and its model offers maximum stability and support.

This wheel is formulated with a rear-seat bearing seat, that is cast with 80 a durometer urethane. The wheels are soft, smooth and big and measure 76 mm in diameter with a 51mm contact patch. What is most fascinating is the wide footprint that sets the wheels apart, offering you enjoyment above anything else.

These are everything you have ever wanted to pursue and you should not let this chance pass before winning yourself a Big Foot item that will set your heart rolling. Come experience aptness by us, from us.

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Final Verdict

Getting the right longboard wheels has never gotten this easier. We have with us a whole list of the best products to choose and all you need to do is to click the right button and you will be mesmerized by the variety of features that will leave you flabbergasted.

We know your needs and we have shortlisted those needs so that you do not have to worry about what to go for and why so. The decision is always in your own hands but we have brought for you durability and quality that is coated with efficiency and excellence.

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