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Best Longboards for Cruising

Best Longboards for Cruising Reviews- Guides

Are you ready to make your cruising different this year? Are you ready to be mesmerized by a new item in town that will make you go crazy? Well’ we have something really amazing that will completely blow your mind away. We have with us a collection of the Best Longboards for Cruising that you can use to make your sport incredible.

It is not always price that determines how fine a commodity is. It usually goes a long way when you want to determine how a certain commodity works. Things like suitability, durability, efficacy and convenience are everything that matters.

To make things easier to decipher, we have highlighted 5 of our best longboards that you can use in cruising that are faster and appropriate for your game. Below are a number of things that you will need to consider before you opt for the perfect choice to make. Take a look.

Things to consider before buying the Best Longboards for Cruising

Is your current longboard causing you a lot of hitches? Is your current longboard becoming unfit to function as days go buy? Well, we have with us a new list of Best Longboards for Cruising that you will like so much and may consider having home. However, before the purchase, have a view of some things that you should consider.

The features of the longboard

Before you set up to go find yourself a longboard, you would need to take a look at the board features. The features that are in a certain longboard elaborate more on the functioning of the product. These features are diverse and different form one longboard to another.

Analyzing the features will assist you in getting the best for yourself. Features that you should look at are: the shape, size and color among others. Look at what works best for you and get yourself something extraordinary and striking that will automatically suit your convenience.

Durability of the longboard

When wanting to get yourself a longboard, have a look at the durability and performance of the product. How durable is the product? You will always mess up if you never consider how robust a certain commodity is.

You have to keep in mind that durability is the main essence of having something that will stick by you for a long duration of time. Therefore, always take keen interest in knowing the product’s durability and to what extent it can serve you so that it becomes cheaper in the long run and still suit you.

Your ability level

We all know ourselves better, right? Therefore when you set out to find a longboard, have a look at your ability level. How well can you function? There are longboard styles, set-ups and designs that are specific for each type of riding.

However, since our main focus is cruising, you need to get yourself an item that can beat all impossibilities. You have to be realistic in assessing your ability levels and with this in mind; you will secure the best for yourself. Something that will go as per your needs and make you feel comfortable all throughout the time.

Here are some Best Longboards for Cruising that you should consider

Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard

Have you been wishing to own any product manufactured by Made In Mars? Made In Mars is a reconsidering of what a board sports company speaks about. This is a longboard intended for cruising which is made of a multi-ply hardwood maple and beautifully made artisan bamboo deck.

It is kick tail in nature and has tremendously durable 70mm PU wheels that play a role in how the whole longboard works. This longboard is 44-inch and it has rugged 7-inch aluminum trucks. Isn’t this just suitable for you? This is designed and made by a company that works on quality and that knows exactly where you should put your money.

It has worked several other times in bringing out new shades of exclusiveness and it is not going wrong this time too. Better quality, great art, pure make and enriched components, this longboard is what you should have with you.

This is a super duper item with improved working capability and it will make you have your ride the best way after a very long period of time. To have a stunning game ahead, experience from us the taste of the best.

Sector 9 Fractal Longboard Complete

Have you been one of those people who were looking for a longboard that has the most elongated wheelbase for cruising purposes? The sector 9 fractal longboard is an item that has the feel of the board but yet provides more tight carves and lines.

It has PDP Abec 5 bearing for enhancement of performance and 8 ply maple with CNC drop through mounting. Manufactured by sector 9 skateboards, this is the best longboards for cruising this year with the ability to function like crazy and still do tight turns. It rides on 9” Gullwing Sidewinder II’s with measurements of 69mm 78A Sector top shelf wheels.

The features of sector 9 show how efficient it is as a product and it proves to you that your selection should not go in any other direction. Well, get yourself something that speaks quality and that is designed in ensuring excellence and success.

A real item that has been working well with so many of our customers and it has never disappointed. We urge you to grow with us because we have your interests buried deep in our hearts and we will move with you all through our products.

Sector 9 Fractal Complete Skateboard, 9.0 x 36.0-Inch
73 Reviews
Sector 9 Fractal Complete Skateboard, 9.0 x 36.0-Inch
  • Rides on 9" Gullwing Sidewinder II's with 69mm 78A Sector 9 top shelf wheels with PDP Abec 5 bearings
  • The length of the Fractal is great for those looking for a longer wheelbase for cruising, but still want to do tight turns
  • This board has the feel of a longboard, but produces tighter carves and lines than one would think
  • 8 ply maple with CNC drop through mounting

Osprey Helix Rounded Pin Tail Cruiser Skateboard

Are you ready to be presented with a double measure of longboard brilliance? This item has a pin tail design to minimize on wheel bites and offer increased carving power. It is made from a 7 ply Canadian maple that is very durable and can handle a lot of weight. It has a grip tape that is black which allows great regulation of the board.

The item is also engraved with this eye-catching swirl design that enables maple finish which is beyond stunning show through and it has symmetrical woven lines and a shade of blue on the underside that add to its fascination.This item will definitely make you fly even without wings.

It has a tough aluminum base and trucks that hold on to the PU cast wheels that are blue in color and which are adorned with Osprey prints, quality PU cushions that are sandwiched between the hardwearing base, trucks and the deck which improve on the pintail’s responsiveness and maneuverability.

This cast wheels also utilize ABEC-7 chrome bearings that lead to a reduction of friction so as to offer remarkably quicker and smoother ride. Do you want to experience high carving power and cruising speed? Walk with us.

Osprey Helix Rounded Pin Tail Cruiser Skateboard, 36-Inch
2 Reviews
Osprey Helix Rounded Pin Tail Cruiser Skateboard, 36-Inch
  • Great Cruising Longboard Skateboard
  • 7 Ply Canadian Maple Deck
  • 5in Aluminum Trucks
  • ABEC-7 Chrome Bearings
  • 65 x 51mm PU Cast Wheels

Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder

Do you want a long board that you can maneuver around very easily when cruising? The Sector 9 aperture sidewinder is a long board that is designed for cruising which has wheel colors that may vary and is an extremely stable option.

Its sidewinder truck set up is such that that it keeps you in track by turning on a dime and wrapping around corners with the highest ease ever. This item is long to an advantage. The length keeps you stable especially when you are moving down the fast downhill runs.

This item has a double king-pin on the fractal which makes you take those camera-worthy slides and turns and therefore guiding you into putting response exactly underneath your feet. Manufactured by Sector 9, this item has Abec 5 bearings that play an important part in the functioning of the product and its dimensions are 37*10*4 inches.

It is outfitted with Gullwing Sidewinder trucks that enhance its performance and it is this features that it carries that enhance its capabilities. Well, right in front of you is a product that will make cruising exciting and fun this season. Blow your mind with this exclusive set of flawlessness.

Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Downhill/Cruiser Freeride Complete Longboard 36'
117 Reviews
Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Downhill/Cruiser Freeride Complete Longboard 36"
  • Specs: 36.0" L x 9.0" W x 26.375" WB
  • Sector 9 Aperture Drop Through Deck
  • Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks
  • Sector 9 Abec 5 Bearings

Jaseboards Kick 38

Have you been looking for a product that is a jack of all trades? We bring to you a traditional longboard design that is traced right from the mid-90s but which can 100{1ae12e84a065c7ce5c15c87ee4954bb945a0721891bfe52c8fcd0e9ba5cfaf5f} provide extra amazing performance. This item is a jack of all trades right from sidewalk surfing to freeriding, skating parks and yes, cruising.

It has a 7 inch elongated tail that provides ample room for you to keep your feet on the back to pop it up and therefore make sharper turns and increase on your maneuverability. It has a nose that is long enough to enable you to comfortably pull off nose manuals.

This is a versatile board that is great to everyone right from a beginner to an advanced person. Maufactured by Jaseboards, this is an outdated beauty. It is extremely durable and very much performance-oriented.

This is the perfect item to select if you want to have an enjoyment in your game. Make this season a season of revolution and change by making the right choice. The right choice being Jaseboards Kick 38 which is the emblem of efficacy and durability. Purchase now at a reasonable price.

Jaseboards 38'' Kicktail Bamboo Freestyle Longboard
3 Reviews
Jaseboards 38'' Kicktail Bamboo Freestyle Longboard
  • Jack of all trades
  • Good for crusing
  • Freeriding
  • Sidewalk surfing
  • 7'' tail for maneuverability

Final Verdict

Buying of longboards has never gotten this easier. We bring to you a new taste of perfection and everlasting performance. These longboards are the Best Longboards for cruising you can ever buy for your loved one or yourself. The choices are diverse and we give you an option to choose the best for yourself.

Take your time to find what suits you more because they are all equipped with amazing features that make them the right choice to go for. Hurry up and get the right quality by growing with us and trading with us.

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