How To Buy a Longboard

How To Buy a Longboard – Ultimate Guide 2018

Do you want to buy longboards but you do not know how to buy a longboard ? Do you feel that you need to analyze the longboards that you seek to select before the real purchase? We have step by step guidelines that you can put into dire consideration so that you end up getting something that is super-duper, of super quality and of amazing performance.

How to buy the best longboards is an ideal route to take so that you make pre-purchase choices that goes as per your needs. Longboards are an essential need of every skater and there a few things that should be looked at so that you make a rational choice that will leave you delighted.

We are here to guide you by showing you steps that will lead you into finding something exclusive, up-to-date and durable. Walk with us in this fascinating journey of prosperity and amazement.

Before Take a tour watch some exclusive longboard

How to ​​​​buy a longboard – Ultimate Guides

Step One : Check The Wheels

Wheels are the core of any longboard. Therefore, before the buy, you need to look at the wheels available, the shapes and the features. You know what goes well with you. Is it hard or soft wheels? Is it narrow or wide wheels?

The shapes differ so that you go with what style you like. A range of wheels are usually inbuilt and therefore you need to take time to look at how durable or efficient the wheels are.

Wheels with rounded lips are ideal for sliding, free riding and downhill racing and wheels with straight edges are designed to offer more control and grip.

Step Two : Check The Size Of The Bearings

What bearings are most suitable for your longboard? Does ABEC 1, 5, 7 or 9 works for you? Or are 3 the most appropriate? Longboards that have ABEC 1 bearings are the crudest and the least precise, those with ABEC 9 are faster and used mostly for downhill skating, ABEC 3 doesn’t roll too smoothly, ABEC 7 are smooth, fast and expensive and ABEC 5 are norms in any skateboard because they have the right speed and come at an affordable price. With all this in mind, you can now opt for the most incredible item ever.

Step Three : The Grip Tape Available

Of major concern is the grip tape used in your item. To begin with, what is grip tape? Grip tape is sand-paper like material that is applied with adhesive to the uppermost part of the deck so as to offer traction.

The grip tapes are essential because they allow the rider’s feet to grip on to the surface of the deck and help him or her to stay on the board while playing the game. 

There are usually a variety of colors and patterns available therefore; you can choose what works best for you but most people opt for black.

Step Four : Look At The Mounting Hardware

Mounting hardware is used to connect the decks to the trucks. This hardware consists of the bolts, nuts, screws and locknuts that are specifically designed when building the skateboard.

You need to analyze the hardware used and mostly each set has approximately 8 locknuts and 8 bolts. 

This is something you should look at especially if you are the type that prefers to purchase the locknuts and bolts individually.

Size to be checked is also the diameter and width of the item in hand so that you take the absolute product. Take heed and get what you like.

Step five : Check On The Longboard Trucks

The longboard trucks are T-shaped pieces which mount onto the underside of the deck. You need to look at the trucks size which is measured by the width of the hanger or the axle’s width.

Every longboard usually has two trucks. Longboard trucks come in different sizes and colors and there is a huge selection and range that will fit your personal tastes and preferences.

You need to take keen observation to get something that provides easy maneuverability and turning and is softer too. Find the longboard of your dreams by using some of your precious time to expound on all this.


Final Verdict

Choosing the right longboard is something you should carefully put your time on. The steps above will help you in getting an item that is user-friendly, effective, performance-oriented, cheap and durable. Take your time to analyze, make the right decisions and secure yourself something that is of high quality and extremely amazing.

You need to look for something that will make you realize the value of your money and something that will always give you the go-ahead. Apprehend, analyze, capture again and then select. A wise decision will never leave you mourning. It will guarantee you both peace and thrill.

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