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Krown Krex 2 Bamboo Freestyle Complete Longboard Review

Krown Krex 2 Bamboo Freestyle Complete Longboard Review

Are you searching for a freestyle longboard? Try the Krown Krex 2 Bamboo Freestyle Complete Longboard, which is the best in the market. The design for the bamboo freestyle longboard is for best performance and durability.

It comes with two layers of baked bamboo envelop creating rigid deck with super awesome flex point that looks incredible and amazing. The finish is a nice coat of high quality spray. The beautiful deck is quite rigid and the flex is perfect.

This freestyle longboard is from the Krown Exotic series. The bamboo core construction is popular with most riders looking for strength and rigidity. The wide wheels and strong trucks make this longboard stable and safe.

The wheels have the durable speed bearings that provide a fast and smooth cruise. In the skateboarding world, new skateboards come and go, but the Krown Krex Freestyle Complete Longboard is here to stay.

Features Of Krown Krex 2 Bamboo Freestyle Complete Longboard

This Complete Longboard is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Krown Krex 2 Bamboo Freestyle Complete Longboard  is a one of the best in our Longboards List.

Bamboo/ Maple Core Construction

Construction of this longboard is bamboo maple core. This material is firm and strong making it popular with riders.

The bamboo material is flexible and brings out beautiful designs. This flex gives the longboard a unique feeling as you ride or cruise.

The bamboo/maple combination gives the longboard extra strength and durability.

Bamboo is readily available and you can renew the longboard when it wears out.

Freestyle Shape

The Krown Krex 2 Bamboo Freestyle Complete Longboard does not limit you to a number of styles. It comes with a freestyle shape that allows you to ride with a style of your choice.

You are free to use imagination and experiment on the longboard. It is good for any possible style like board tricks, sliding, dancing, and many others. It is ideal for learners and beginners who can use any trick to learn.

7” Black Trucks with speed bearings

The trucks of this longboard are 7” and have speed bearings. The trucks hold the board and the wheels together. They are strong and have high tolerance for heavy weights.

The trucks support the weight on the board relieving pressure on wheels. This increases the performance and durability of the wheels.

The speed lubricant in the bearings helps this longboard to move at high speed while remaining stable.

71mm 78a Wheels

The wheels of the Krown Krex long board are 78a and have a width of 71mm. This makes the long board great for speed and stability.

The speed bearings are strong and help to keep the wheels straight and firm. The 7.0 trucks are firm in the wheels and enhance safety.

The wheels rotate well round the trucks providing a smooth ride. The wheel material is heavy duty and long lasting.

Clear Grit over top graphic

This longboard has a nice design and is attractive. The finish is smooth and the board is easy to clean. The artwork on the board is beautiful. It does not peel off or fade.

A high quality spray on top of the decal prevents scratches and other damage. The spray is a clear grit that covers the graphic without hindering view. A soft wipe gives the board a shinny look.


  • Strong and long lasting
  • Compact design
  • Easy to clean
  • High turning radius
  • Easy to ride


  • Wheels are tight

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Krown Krex 2 Bamboo Freestyle Complete Longboard Review - watch below

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Question-1: Does it come assembled?

Answer: It comes fully assembled from the manufacturer

Question-2: Is the board good for beginners?

Answer: This longboard is good for beginners and riders at all levels.

Final Verdict

It is now quite easy to learn longboard riding. The Krown Krex 2 Bamboo Freestyle Complete Longboard gives beginners power to ride as they learn. It is easy to control and balance and the fear to falling off is not there. This confidence helps beginners to master the riding tricks fast.

The material in the Krown Krex 2 Bamboo Freestyle Longboard is long lasting. You will continue riding this board long after graduating from beginner to professional rider. The Krown Krex 2 Bamboo Longboard is renewable and worth buying. Order yours now at this low price.

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