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Krown Krown Logo 2 Complete Longboard Skateboard Review

Krown Krown Logo 2 Complete Longboard Skateboard Review

Is normal skating no longer appealing to you? If you love the speed, the ride and the rush associated with Longboard skating then here is a great tool for you. The Krown Krown​​​​ logo 2 complete longboard   Skateboard  is the perfect product for you.

Manufactured by one of the largest Longboard makers, the deck to this amazing Longboard measures 9″ x 43″ wide making it a very popular shape for seasoned skaters and newbies alike. The wheels are 65mm 78a, the trucks are 6.0 aluminum alloys and the bearings are ABEC 7.

To reduce on the wheel bite and to give you a smoother ride, 1/2” risers have been added. This invaluably makes the Krown Logo 2 Longboard, the ideal choice for commuting around campus, courts and even around town.

Make your order today and receive a complete package of pre-assembled components of the Krown Brand, donned with a natural wood-colored deck and a logo at the middle.

Whom Is This Product Designed for?

This pre-assembled Krown Brand of Krown Krown Logo 2 Complete Longboard Skateboard is specially designed to suit the needs of every skater, whether seasoned or newbie. This item makes a perfect choice for beginners who have not yet mastered the art of skating well and house owners too. Such people can be summarized as:

  • Skaters
    Intermediate skaters
  • ​Newbies
  • ​​Youth
    Experts in the game

Features Of Krown Krown Logo 2 Complete Longboard Skateboard

Krown Logo 2 CompleteE Longboard Skateboard is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Krown Krown Logo 2 Complete Longboard Skateboard is a one of the best in our Longboards List.

Flat Deck Kick Tail Shape

The Krown Logo 2 complete Longboard is designed with a kick tail shape that is appealing to the eyes when mixed with a perfect color choice. This ideal shape makes it easier to turn around while cycling or skating on the Longboard skateboard.

The different, assorted colors associated with the Longboard bring out the Flat deck kick tail shape so well that it’s easily spotted from afar.

Standard heavy duty 7/8” durable hardware

If you are looking for a longboard that goes a long way in serving your cruising purpose for a long time, you have it here. The Krown Krown logo 2 complete longboard   Skateboard Skateboard is a durable, magnificent work of art.

It is further composed of 10 ply deck, Chrome Non-Strip Allen Head Kin Pin or Black Upgrade 95A PU Cushion to further enhance the quality and durability of this Krown Brand. You will use it for a very long time without any breakage because it is durable.

Canadian Maple construction type

The Canadian type design of constructing Longboard skateboards is greatly convenient at streamlining the aerodynamics involved with the movement of the Longboard.

Streamlining in skateboards is essential in ensuring a smooth cruise and this is further enhanced by the low weight associated with the Longboard, at only 9 pounds. This makes it even easier to carry the Longboard around as you engage in your daily activities.

ABEC 7 Bearings and other multiple specifications

This item comes with ABEC-7 bearings and has wheels that are 70mm in dimension. It measure 43 inches long and 9 inches wide and has trucks that have 6.0 aluminum alloys.

This is an item that ensures you with extensive performance that will fit your convenience. It is something to go for this season and give yourself a new definition of enjoyment and thrill. It is a nice take and will offer you what you wish to have.

6” silver trucks

This item has 6” silver trucks which show that it can function perfectly well. It is also fitted with black grip tape that provides flexible and amazing grip making you be stable while you skate.

Manufactured by Keystone Skate Supply and with dimensions of 18.1*5.8*3 inches, this product is intended to satisfy all your requirements. This item is also beautifully adorned with a natural wood-colored deck that has a logo in the middle.


  • The decks are awesome.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • The board is sturdy.
  • Great colors to choose from.


  • It is designed using light weight material and hence cannot hold people who are too heavy.
Krown KRPT-18 Krown Logo 2 Complete Longboard Skateboard, 9-Inch-by-43-Inch
477 Reviews
Krown KRPT-18 Krown Logo 2 Complete Longboard Skateboard, 9-Inch-by-43-Inch
  • Canadian Maple Construction
  • 9-Inch x 43-Inch Pintail Shape
  • Black 65mm 78a Wheels
  • 6" Silver Trucks
  • Black Grip tape

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Question-1: Are there warranties?

Answer: When you buy it online there are no warranties, it is wise to inquire from your supplier before making the purchase.

Question-2: Are the Longboard skateboard easy to use?

Answer: Due to its refined weight and Canadian Maple construction type, the Krown Logo 2 Longboard skateboard is easy to use and to ride around with. You can even use it to run your dog.

Final Verdict

The Krown Logo 2 Complete Longboard Skateboard is probably the most affordable Longboard skateboard in the market today. Specially designed using the Canadian Maple Construction type to increase efficiency and durability, online buyers are prudentially assured over the value of their money. 

What’s more, the Krown Logo 2 Longboard skateboard is specially designed using material popular for its lightweight feel and flexibility, making it ideal for youthful beginners as well as seasoned skaters. 

The Board itself is really sturdy and the trucks are just right for carving and cruising around, hence you could really use one to take your pets for a run. Buy one today and you will totally love the experience.

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