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Krown Purple Flame Complete Longboard Skateboard Review

Krown Purple Flame Complete Longboard Skateboard Review

Are you frustrated with your current skateboards skills? You have been practicing for weeks and still you do not get it right. Well you do not have to endure more pain and frustration. Try the Krown Purple Flame Complete Longboard Skateboard . 

You will learn how to ride within a very short period without the use of a training expert. This longboard is the easiest to learn by yourself. This Krown Purple Flame Complete Longboard Skateboard teaches you how to cruise around in style.

It also helps you to improve balancing skills that are essential in skateboarding. The longboard is famous because of its pintail shape. It increases acceleration and speed.

The construction is Canadian maple and the design is nice and attractive. The Krown Purple Flame Complete longboard is the perfect choice for those who want speed and high performance.

Who’s this product designed for?

  • This beautiful, awesome skate board is designed for thirteen and above years old.

Features Of Krown Purple Flame Complete Longboard Skateboard

​​Krown Purple Flame Complete Longboard Skateboard is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Krown Purple Flame Complete Longboard Skateboard  is a one of the best in our Longboard List.

Canadian Maple Construction

This longboard is firm and solid. The construction of the deck is the strong Canadian maple. This material is hard, durable, and long lasting.

It endures harsh weather and other tough abuse. It takes a long period to show signs of tear and wear. It supports heavy weight without bending or breaking.

The maple deck has good width that gives riders ample space to change styles as they cruise.

9-Inch x 43-Inch Pintail Shape

The Krown Purple Flame Complete has a design and shape like a pintail measuring 9 inches and 43 inches. The pintail shape design helps to increase the acceleration and top speed of the board.

This shape gives the board a wider center deck with tapered tail and nose. It reduces wheel bite and when carving, gives a surf-like balance. The shape brings together unique design and top-notch performance with good balance.

Black 65mm 78a Wheels

The Krown Purple Longboard comes with black 65mm 78a wheels. These wheels are good for free riding and cruising. They perform well on rough terrains with stone surface.

The rounded lips of the wheels are ideal for sliding. The wheels are able to absorb shock on rough ground giving a smooth ride. The cutouts on the deck protect the wheels from wheel bites. The wheels are stable and long lasting.

6” Silver Trucks

The trucks of this longboard are 6” silver. The trucks are strong and durable. They are good for riders who love tight trucks. They are light and the axles do not slip or strip.

They allow the longboard to turn well. The trucks have ample room to grind on and are quite low to the ground.

The manufacturer uses special nuts to secure the trucks firmly to the board.

Strong Grip Tape

The Krown Purple Flame Skateboard is safe and secure for learners and beginners. It has a strong grip tape that secures the riders feet on the board. This protects riders from slipping and falling while riding and carving.

New riders do not get afraid of the sideway swings and their learning experience is not all bad. The grip tape is firm and cannot break or peel off when you are cruising.


  • It is great for smooth sliding
  • It lighter and easier to handle due to the small decks.
  • It is great for high speeds.
  • Great Desing


  • The wheels becomes weak
Krown Purple Flame Complete Longboard Skateboard
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Krown Purple Flame Complete Longboard Skateboard
  • Canadian Maple Construction
  • 9-Inch x 43-Inch Pintail Shape
  • Black 65mm 78a Wheels
  • 6" Silver Trucks
  • Black Grip tape

Krown Purple Flame Complete Longboard Skateboard Review - Watch Below

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Question-1: Is this a good board to learn with?

Answer: Yes it is good to learn with.

Question-2: Are there any other color?

Answer: yes! There are many more colors.

Final Verdict

The Krown Purple Flame Complete Longboard is so far the best skateboard in the market. It is ideal for beginners and learners. Most riders love this longboard for its ability to cruise with high speeds. The Krown Purple Flame Longboard is stable and the construction material is durable.

It performs very well on rough terrains and provides a smooth feel while riding. The firm grip tape gives learners confidence and allows them to cruise almost at the first attempt. The Krown Purple Flame Complete Longboard is worth buying and the price is fair. Get yours today!

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