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Krown Wave Crest Pin Complete Longboard Skateboard Review

Krown Wave Crest Pin Complete Longboard Skateboard Review

Are you ready to be stirred by an amazing skateboard that will be your great choice for commuting around town or school? We have with us a complete new choice that is adorned with classic and trendy artwork. Manufactured by Keystone Skate Supply this product features a Canadian Maple construction, a black 65mm 78a wheels, a black grip tape, a 6” silver trucks and a 9-inch*43- inch pintail shape.

It is a good item for cruising and it can go to very long distances.If you want to have something that is great for you as a beginner and something that can make you really have fun in your game.

The Krown Wave Crest Pin Complete Longboard Skateboard should be the most appropriate item to have. Come now, come and quickly check out the new breakthrough of enjoyment and excessive fun.

Who is the product designed for?

  • ​​The Krown Wave Crest Pin Complete skateboard is well designed for skaters of all levels, both beginners and well experienced skating gurus.
    Intermediate skaters

Features Of Krown Wave Crest Pin Complete Longboard Skateboard

Krown Wave Crest Pin Complete Longboard Skateboard is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Krown Wave Crest Pin Complete Longboard is a one of the best in our Longboard List.

Black Grip Tape

Skaters are always worried of safety. Speaking of safety, the grip of your shoes on the board matters so much.

The Krown Wave Crest has a grip tape which is a layer that is applied on the top of the skateboard so that your shoes can completely grip the board.

This black grip tape is made of an extremely hard material that makes it stay durable and sharp for a very long period of time. Well, we have your best interest at heart.

6” Silver trucks

Experienced skaters will always want a skateboard that provides strength with style and provide a new level of performance. ​Krown Wave Crest Pin Complete Longboard Skateboard has 6”silver trucks that tend to optimize the turning ability showing a refined assembly and distinctive contours. 

With this feature, the skateboard can ensure you stability, smoothness and overall quality. This automatically boosts up the performance of this skateboard. Experience magical performance and enjoy the game with this fantabulous product in hand.

Canadian Maple Construction

This skateboard’s decks are assembled from Canadian maple wood which is one of the strongest and lightest woods in the whole globe.

Whenever people opt for skateboards, they usually go for the ones constructed from Canadian maple wood because this is a very light and strong wood that can ensure the durability and competence of your skateboard.

Black 65mm 78a Wheels

Wheels are one of the first things you should check at when you are buying yourself a longboard.

The skateboards wheels are the most essential components of a skateboard because they impact your speed, your ability to regulate its movements and the way you feel your board.

Wheel choice is a big factor in the resulting skate system and therefore choosing a skateboard that is great like the 65mm 78a black wheels inbuilt in the Krown Wave Crest should be a narrowed decision you take.

9-inch * 43-inch Pintail shape

If you have been using a symmetrical shaped board and you want to choose the best of choices, pintail shaped boards; then the Krown wave crest is your match.

It has a pintail shaped skate board, this means that the wavelength of light diverted off the core of this board fuels the hypothalamus to a way much greater extent than any symmetrical board.

Pintail shaped are therefore fun carvers that are just like surfboards therefore what you feel all through is fun, class, incredibility and coolness.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable and sharp
  • Produces extraordinary performance
  • Super quality
  • Smooth and stable
  • Aesthetically pleasing for a displaced surfer


  • Has loose bearings that take time to break in
Krown Wave Crest Pin Complete Longboard Skateboard
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Krown Wave Crest Pin Complete Longboard Skateboard
  • Canadian Maple Construction
  • 9-Inch x 43-Inch Pintail Shape
  • Black 65mm 78a Wheels
  • 6" Silver Trucks
  • Black Grip tape

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Question-1: Is this skateboard durable?

Answer: Yes. This is a very durable skateboard.

Question-2: How long is this skateboard?

Answer: This is a 42 inch skateboard.

Question-3: what colors are available?

Answer: We have multi colors for this skateboard.

Final Verdict

Having a good skateboard is really great and whenever you buy a skateboard you have to consider the performance, efficiency, durability and the cost. Krown Wave Crest Pin Complete Longboard Skateboard is very convenient to use especially to beginners, it has features that make it stable and durable and most of all, boost the way the item works.

Having so many benefits, this is the item to take to lead you into being an expert skater. Do not delay nor hesitate to have a great item in your place and make playing time an expected moment of your days. At an affordable price, we bring to you an over-the-top option.

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