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New Cruiser Drop through Longboard Maple Review

New Cruiser Drop through Longboard Maple Review

Would you love to cruise across the street using a good wheeled and a high stability Long board? Worry not as the Sofun Company has manufactured the New Cruiser Drop through Longboard Maple that ensures you move swiftly downhill. So welcome to New Cruiser Drop through Longboard Maple Review.

This Drop through Longboard can be used by both beginners and professional to move around enjoying the thrill of the moment.The long board has a four wheel Durometer with a 70{1ae12e84a065c7ce5c15c87ee4954bb945a0721891bfe52c8fcd0e9ba5cfaf5f} rebound hardness that ensures it is durable and stable.

Additionally, the Longboard has impressive ABEC 9 bearings that ensure the user can move smoothly with less energy. The manufacturer has used an aluminum alloy to make the base plate of the four wheeled Long board assuring the user of maximum durability and stability.

While enjoying the cruise around the neighborhood you can make tight turns without any wheel bite. Despite this Long board having great features, this board goes for a pocket friendly cost that is affordable.


Product name:

New Cruiser Drop-through 42"*9.8" Longboard Maple






10.4 pounds


9.5 × 39.5 Inches


Cruiser Drop-through

Who is ideal for this product?

  • ​​This amazing Longboard is ideal for both professionals and beginners to help them move around easily on four wheels.
    Intermediate skaters

Features Of Backfire New Cruiser Drop through Longboard Maple

New Cruiser Drop through Longboard Maple is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put New Cruiser Drop-through Long board Maple is a one of the best in our Longboards List.

Made of a 356-T6 aluminum alloy

Are you a skater who wants a strong and durable Longboard that assures you of safety; if so then you got it right here. The base plate of this New Cruiser Drop-through 42″*9.8″ Long board Maple is made of 356-T6 aluminum alloy which ensures this Longboard is durable and stable.

In addition, the base plate has been trimmed and painted perfectly making it appealing and attractive. Through this the user’s safety is guaranteed as it is not at the risk of breaking easily.

Has high rebound wheels

If quality and durability of the wheels your number one consideration before making a Longboard purchase, then the Sofun company has ensured your needs are met by fitting the Cruiser Drop through longboard with highly rebound MDI polyurethane made wheels that ensure the user of safety and durability.

The 83A hardness makes these wheels suitable for downhill carving by the user. For sure with New Cruiser Drop through Longboard Maple you are assured of maximum safety and durability.

Special bearings

It is typical for skaters to find it irritating and quite uncomfortable to move around on a Longboard whose wheels are difficult to move.

This however, won’t happen to you any more as the Sofun Company has fitted this Longboard with ABEC-9 special bearing .

These bearings assure the user of smooth movements with no difficulties as the bearings are quite effective. Save that extra energy that would be used in pushing Longboard that does not have bearings by purchasing this incredible Longboard maple.

An OS-800 grip tape

For beginner skaters who are afraid of using this Longboard for fear of falling, the Sofun Company has put its vast experience into practice by ensuring that as a learner you stay safe.

The strong OS-800 grip tap that has been fitted to this Longboard provides a place to hold on as you enjoy the ride downhill.

This tape is able to endure long period of use without peeling off. When you are riding, hold unto this tape and enjoy the ride.

Low centre of gravity for stability and safety

New Cruiser Drop through Longboard Maple has a low centre of gravity and a kingpin that gives the board maximum stability as you ride downhill. Through this the user is assured of safety and efficiency while riding both at a high and a low speed.

In addition, this ensures that the Longboard is safe for those thrilling downhill rides. Get yours and start experiencing safe and fast cruising.


  • Durable Longboard
  • High speed longboard
  • It has great wheels
  • Very stable
  • It is versatile


  • It has tight trucks

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Question-1: What is the weight limit of this Longboard?

Answer: This board has been designed to comfortably accommodate weight of up to 250lbs without bending or breaking.

Question-2: Can beginners use this board?

Answer: Yes, the manufacturer has fitted this board with details that make it suitable and safe for use by beginners.

Question-3: Does this board come with any warranty?

A. This board comes with a limited one year warranty.

Final Verdict

Never before has there existed such a quality and durable Longboard going for such an affordable price. The manufacturer of the New Cruiser Drop through Longboard Maple has fitted it with details that make it of high quality, durable and safe for riding downhill with a lot of ease while assured of safety.

It is made of an aluminum alloy that makes it strong and stable. The bearings assure the user of a smooth and comfortable ride. On just this one versatile board, one can enjoy freestyle, cruising and downhill riding. You ought to purchase this Longboard Maple and start enjoying the incredible features that come with it.

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