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Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard Review

Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard Review

Are you searching for a small design skateboard? The Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard is perfect and meets your requirements. The board has a beautiful vintage design from the 1970’s.

The manufacturer produces high quality skateboards from the many years of experience in the business. The skateboard is small and compact. It is perfect for regular rides to and from daily routine. You can use this board as a quick mode of transport.

The Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard is portable and fits in school locker and office desk. The board has stable and strong wheels. It uses the ABEC5 bearings that are good for high speed. You will enjoy a smooth ride on any type of road and terrain.

The skateboard is long lasting and does not get damage from rough rides. The deck is wide enough to support any rider. The trucks of the Penny Graphic Skateboard are hard and solid.

Who is ideal to use this skateboard?

  • ​​This long board is good for anyone who can balance well.
    Intermediate skaters

Features Of Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard

Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard is a one of the best in our Longboard List.

Long Deck

The Penny Graphic Skateboard is small and has a unique design. The deck is strong and supports heavy weights. It measures 22” and fits different feet sizes.

All riders can comfortably use this board no matter their feet size. It has strong grip that holds the feet firm on the board.

This allows riders to control the board easily. The deck has ample room for riders to place feet while riding with different styles.

Soft Wheels

The Penny Graphic Skateboard has wheels measuring 55mm. The wheels are soft and able to absorb shock from bumps and rough terrain. This provides a smooth and stable ride.

The wheels are quite light and ideal for practicing skating styles. They do not feel heavy on the feet. This makes the board good for children and beginners. The material is strong and does not wear out from rides on rough surface.

Small and Portable

This Penny Skateboard is a vintage design from the early 1970. It is small and compact.  It is easy to carry around and fits well in a bag. The small deck makes it ideal for riding along footpaths and pavements.

This makes it good for riding to work and school. You can use it for running errands at any time. It is perfect for avoiding traffic as you can alternate skateboard and public transport.

Easy to Control

This skateboard has a unique small size and design. It is light and easy to maneuver. It fits well in small areas like footpath and pavements.

It turns quickly and the radius is small. A rider is able to avoid an accident before it happens.

The compact size makes it possible for riders to experiment with many riding styles at any speed. It is perfect for fun and thrilling experience.

Vintage Design

The Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard design is not new. It is a copy of the 1970-Penny skateboards. The design is beautiful and popular now as it was back then. The design is classy and unique.

It makes heads turn as you ride across the streets and the feeling is good. The skateboard gives old riders fond memories of a high quality and long lasting skateboard. You will definitely love it.


  • Strong and long lasting
  • Small and compact design
  • Easy to ride on pavements and sidewalks
  • Stable and smooth rides
  • Good for all terrains


  • Paint at the bottom may chip off
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Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard Review - Watch Below

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Question-1: What type of bearings is in the board?

Answer: This skateboard uses ABEC5 bearings.

Question-2: Is this the authentic Penny board Australia?

Answer: Yes, the board is an original product of Penny Australia.

Question-3: Are the trucks metal or plastic?

Answer: The trucks are aluminum material

Final Verdict

It is now easy to avoid heavy traffic and be on time. The Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard makes it easy for you to alternate between public transport and the skateboard.

It is small and fits into small bag space. It takes little space when storing in the office desk or school locker. The Penny Graphic Long board is strong and long lasting.

The vintage design gives you attention whenever you ride. It provides a good way to save money and exercise at the same time. The price is not high considering the benefits. Check it out and place an order.

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