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Sector 9 83 Complete Skateboard Review

Sector 9 83 Complete Skateboard Review

Is your current skateboard one of that drop down, heavy and bulky ones that are quite the inconvenience? Get yourself a smooth ride that looks cool, light weight, about the length and size of a traditional skateboard, and with nice maneuverability in the Sector 9 83 Complete Skateboard.

The trucks do not need adjustment and the paint job on the bottom of the deck, coupled with the design is flawless.This sector 9 83 board is also pretty easy to ride.

It is a decent item and is the sort of thing that want for a reasonable price. Along with a wheelbase of about 14.5 inches, the stability and the balance that you will experience during any ride using this board will be impeccable.

This is without a doubt a longboard that will redefine the limits of comfort and architecture you will ever get to experience.

Who is the product designed for?

  • The Sector 9 83′ Complete Skateboard is well designed for young and teenage skaters who are either learning or have some basic experience in skating.
    Intermediate skaters

Product Features Sector 9 83 Complete Skateboard

Sector 9 83 Complete Skateboard is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Sector 9 83 Complete Skateboard is a one of the best in our Longboards List.

Classic Directional Shape of the Cruiser

The classic Sector cruiser skateboard should be what you get yourself if you have an endless fascination towards the relics of a classic touch accompanied with the vintage ethnicity.

This skateboard comes in comprising a directional cruiser shape and an aerodynamic make up which helps it to have uninterrupted movements every time you ride it. Its classic shape is the major factor behind an intensely smooth ride that you’ll enjoy.

Structural Built and Quality of the Longboard

The construction of the Sector Skateboard is centered around the 7-ply cold-pressed maple construction. In other words the board is to be a derivative of high quality maple wood that will provides you with the much needed durability and structural integrity.

The 27.75 by 2.25 inches of the deck surface area will give you excellent surface area for you to be able to place yourself on the longboard.

Dipped Black Deck (Fully) & a Concave Curvature

Most skaters today speak of craving a board with perfect drifting and braking. The deck of the sector 9 skateboard can be referred to as a black deck that is fully dipped. Its finish on the deck makes the whole board seem simple and it catches the attention of any skateboarder.

The light concave design helps in terms of an improved drifting finish and the advanced wheel base of 14.5 inches will help to give you stability and maintain balance.

59mm 78 offset Ball Wheels and 5 inch Wheelbase

When perfect balance is your greatest desire in skating, then the ideal product is here. The Sector 9 83 Complete Skateboard has a 59mm 78 offset ball wheels that have a wheelbase of 14.5 inches to provide the initial support to the entire board frame and will give a perfectly balanced experience to you when using the device for the purpose of skateboarding.

Overall, you one can say that the specifications that are coupled with the structural will indeed be a treat to you.

Seven Inch Gullwing Mission 1 Trucks

Sector 9 83 Complete Skateboard is made of 7 inch circumference Gullwing Mission 1 Trucks. These trucks help to provide solidity and support to the whole structure thus making the cruiser account for its high durability.

The trucks’ quality is extremely good and as a result you can be assured of the fact that you’ll be making a very good choice while going for sector longboard.

Maneuverability & Supreme Control

This board has wheels that have been incorporated with special PDP bearings and are also provide the right amount of friction control which will make the whole ordeal of gripping very easy.

These bearings coupled with a cruiser deck that measures around 27.75 by 7.25 inches has a perfect shape to give you comfort with the foot positioning by making sure that you can stand in a proper posture.


  • It has an elegant and cool look that will surpass your expectations
  • Extensively smooth ride
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.


  • The trucks may need further adjustment due to the pre-customization
Sector 9 83' Complete Skateboard, Pink
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Sector 9 83' Complete Skateboard, Pink
  • Rides on 7.0" Mission trucks with 59mm Nineball wheels and PDP bearings
  • 7 Ply cold pressed maple
  • Mini Cruiser with kick tail for added maneuverability
  • 14.5" Wheel-Base

Sector 9 83 Complete Skateboard Review - Watch Below

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Question-1: Is the item durable?

Answer: Yes it is, the Maplewood structure makes it extremely long lasting.

Question-2: Is this item easy to use?

Answer: Yes the item is very easy to use

Final Verdict

The Sector 9 83 Complete Skateboard will be a perfect fit for you if you have been looking forward to a skateboard will give you added benefits and a sleek and cozy design as well.

It is an easy to use skateboard that comes in packed with a lot of features and hence can be referred to as the ideal asset for anyone that is looking for quality along with a reasonably inexpensive price tag.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the quality features along with a small price tag will make you smile. Go out and get yours.

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