Shark Wheels Reviews

Shark Wheels Reviews – The Good and the “Not So Good” Aspects

When I imagined “Longboard Wheels” in the past, I got clear “Round” shape in my head.

That was in the latter part of the nineties.

Then came a slew of technological ramps on the road and we got into the world of the millennials.

Among other things, millennial technology changed how we looked at longboard wheels. The name was not bound to any one shape any longer. Instead, we got to see the cube, square, and composite varieties. Fast forward a few years, and you’ll see physics formula being applied in wheel design.

That’s where, my friends, we got the “Much Talked about” Shark Wheels. If people thought that wheels stopped evolving after the “Square-ish” design hit the market, they are dead wrong. Guys over there combined the round and square shapes into something new!

The “Sine-Wave.” This trick worked! We now have a hefty lineup of products as you can see in this Shark Wheels’ Reviews of mine. I’ve handpicked three models which did wonders for me. I understand if you guys have few questions regarding the track record of these products.

That’s why I’ve gone into analyzing the signature traits of this franchise. Feel free to read my comparative analysis where I dissected the “Speed” factor between the franchise and other brands that are flooding the market.

Where Did the Company Emerge from?

Call me crazy, but the guy David M. Patrick didn’t have a company of longboard wheels, to begin with. I’d call him a science whiz. The guy came up with an idea of a hybrid wheel combining a cube and a circle while solving a difficult Physics problem. The man went on to get a patent for his design.

The inception of a company came later when he decided to use “Kick Starter” to raise the money for it. Then, you know, it went through an incubator that all startups go through.

People will find skateboard wheels as a part of the brand. This is because our guy has a passion for these things. However, these people put out wheels for other vehicles as well!

Brief Shark Wheels’ Reviews – Models I’ve Tried So Far

This is not a “Top 10” list like you’d expect from traditional websites. I’m just a guy stating features of benefits of the three models that I got my hands on. What I found out might amaze you!

Shark Wheel High Performance Skateboard Wheels SIDEWINDER

Even a skating fanatic like me takes a pause while reviewing a product from Shark Wheel and trust me. And I’ve gone through a lot of them! The SIDEWINDER is one of the very few wheels that I speak highly of and for good reasons. For one, this set of wheels is great for a casual ride around the park and on roads.

You’ll find four wheels in a set. One set is all you need to give your longboard its legs.

shark wheel sidewinder longboard wheels

I love that the wheels are uniquely designed. These are not particularly round but not square either. You’ll find them somewhere in between The Sine-Wave, remember?.

Now, this irregular shape gives you the edge while navigating rough terrains. When makers tell you that this is the perfect “Set” for a smooth ride, they aren’t lying.

If you are a fan of crazy stunts while on longboards, feel free to embark on your adventures with these on. The irregular shape allows for some crazy antics while putting less pressure on the user’s hips. Only thing is, this set doesn’t come with bearings of any kind. You’d have to buy it separately.

If we talk diameters, these wheels measure up to be 70mm. It is perfect for any longboard as these things roll quite well on road. But, if anyone has experimentations in mind, feel free to use these with other types of skateboards as well. Just remember to use a ½-inch riser in tandem for improved results.

Don’t worry, I didn’t leave hardness out of the equation. The manufacturers accounted for 78a when it came to measuring what longboard riders call “Durometer” of these babies. This comes handy when you want more grip and top speed across terrains.

A longboard user will be perfectly safe while navigating through a road full of pebbles. Thanks to the materials in the making, people won’t find it hard to ride through sand, water, and bumps along the bustling city roads. The Wheels won’t feel wobbly and won’t come off that easily.

What I Like about this Longboard WheelWhat I Don’t Like about this Longboard Wheel
I love how sturdy these wheels are; the set makes for a worthy companion on all types of terrains.Sadly, you won’t find any bearings with this set of wheels.
At 70mm diameter, these wheels roll to cover more distance than that of other brands.People may need a ½-inch riser depending on which type of skateboard they use it with.
The shape of these things allows the users to roll quickly on roads, sandy, and watery tracks.
These products won’t place too much burden on your hips and lower part of your legs.

Shark Wheels with FREE Abec 9 Shiver Bearings

If I were to do a Shark Wheels’ Review that came with bearings, I’d prefer one that has ABEC 9 Shiver bearings with it. I have my reasons. An avid skateboarder can choose between multiple diameter options. I went for the 70mm version. It is fit for all kinds of terrain a skater might come across.

Shark Wheels with Abec-9 Shiver Bearings

I liked the fact that I won’t have to go for “Bearing Shopping” after getting this product. Abec 9 series bearings are pretty good for the price too. Not only that, you have spacers and speed rings built in for convenience. What more could I want from a product?

I’ve already mentioned that these wheels come with an intriguing design. The benefit of such design is that these wheels have multiple center points. In addition to rolling smoothly, I noticed that these wheels wear off slower than others I use. Makers have declared these to be 15{1ae12e84a065c7ce5c15c87ee4954bb945a0721891bfe52c8fcd0e9ba5cfaf5f} less prone to wear and tear.

Like I said, these babies roll smoothly on the ground. Almost too smooth for me. I won’t complain! The design allows these things to be quicker and cause less friction with the materials of the track. To what extent are these wonders frictionless? Run some experiments and you’ll find the percentage to be 30{1ae12e84a065c7ce5c15c87ee4954bb945a0721891bfe52c8fcd0e9ba5cfaf5f}.

I’m not referring this product only for the free bearings. No sir! These rollers come with three lips grabbing a wheel from the side. This results in a controlled slide whenever you want to go for antics.

Traditional wheels have only one lip. The best thing about this model is the fact that it provides less friction while adding three lips to the mix.

Shark Wheels with FREE Abec 9 Shiver BearingsWhat I Don’t Like about this Longboard Wheel
These wheels have multiple center points that prevents damages as much as possible.Very few of the users complained about the bearings being defective.
The company granted 3 lips holding the wheels in place to prevent friction and allow sliding control.
Thanks to the design and bearings, these babies roll quickly on various types of surfaces.
This little product comes with spacers, speed rings, and bearings for an all-in-one solution.
These wheels are lubricated to offer users the best performance that money can buy.

Shark Wheel California Roll

Not all of us have a spacious longboard where we can put 70mm diameter wheels at use. I get that. People also have slightly less expensive boards (with 23” decks for example) that go well with 60mm rollers. Luckily for them, “Shark Wheels” has California Roll which has its own perks and benefits.

shark wheel california roll

Like always, you have the signature “Sine-Wave” design pattern of this franchise. If you don’t know what sine-wave design is, it’s essentially a hybrid between square and cube. This allows the user to roll over surfaces and obstacles quicker than they’d do with other models at hand.

With this variety of wheels, one gets all the perks associated with Shark Wheels’ name. For example, these babies will be quieter than the stock wheels at hand. Not to mention, the design makes these faster as well! I do recommend the 70mm version for larger boards or if you want to make yours faster.

Let me tell you, California Roll suits uneven terrains quite well due to the design. Skateboarders won’t feel any bumps or shakes while on the road. I didn’t notice my wheels wearing down even in between purchasing and writing this shark wheels’ review after six months of use.

Did I mention that the California Roll retains the hardness these products are known for? Yes, these rollers come with 78a measurement when it comes to durometer. Thanks to that, the wear and tear process will slow down further. Not to mention, you’ll have flexibility when cruising on city roads.

People would need an extra riser if they want to set up the 70mm sidewinder instead of this one. They might have to get some bearings too.

What I Like about this Longboard WheelWhat I Don’t Like about the Longboard Wheel
This 60mm diameter wheel is just perfect for small longboards or skateboards.They won’t roll as fast as their bigger counterparts but that’s understandable.
As usual, the “Sine-Wave” design gives you the edge when it comes to skating on rough terrains.
These wheels are faster and quieter than any other stock wheels that you may get.
I loved the performance of these babies with my 23-inch deck. Totally worth every penny I put in.

Choosing the Wheels: Different Routes People Can Take

Wheel Size Chart

Okay, so you have “California Roll,” “The one with ABEC Bearings,” “Sidewinder,” and other models at hand to choose from. You need one set. Which one would you pick? If I were you, I’d have picked one of two routes to break the deadlock.

First, I’d see what I need. If I need a set of wheels that roll fast and covers more ground, I’d go for 70mm diameter ones. They fly through debris (so to speak) and get to the top speed faster than other wheels.

You have the 60mm wheels that roll faster than the counterparts. Faster rolling means quick acceleration. One thing is, the wheels won’t get past debris as smoothly as the bigger ones and won’t get to top speed.

Another way one can look into things is by measuring durometer of these wheels. You get softer and harder products as mentioned in various Shark Wheels’ Reviews. The scale ranges from 78A to 80A.

78A wheels are softer. These things grip well onto the surface. If one needs these products to ride on roads drenched in rain or slippery sidewalks, he/she should go for 78A wheels.

If you guys want to achieve top speed faster, try the 80A wheels. These babies don’t grip and offer traction all that well. Yet, when it comes rolling fast on smooth surfaces, there is no match.

Are Shark Wheels Worth It?

Want the shortest answer?


We already know how good each of the three models is.

But did the makers to enough to make the brand stand out?

If so, what are the striking points of this longboard wheel brand?

Let me clarify in “Somewhat” detailed points.

It’s All in The Design

In case you didn’t get it the first time, these wheels come with a revolutionary design. The wheels mimic a “Sine-Wave.” It’s neither a full “Circle,” nor a “Cube.” Rather, it’s like a snake that moves through different terrains. While riding, I noticed the wheels gliding on the road.

The treads are unique in the sense that they push all the debris out of the way. Traditional wheels would have run over them. As a result, skaters would get hurt. Also, at any given time, three lips come into contact with the road. This is actually great as the wheels roll faster on the ground.

Perfect for Downhill riding I’d say and a lot of Shark Wheels’ Reviews agree with me. Pros and beginners alike.

You’ll Get Great Traction Despite the Surface Type

Thanks to the design, these babies will offer you traction like no other brand can. Trust me, irregular shapes of these things won’t hinder your experience. This is thanks to the shock absorbent nature. If you really want me to nitpick, I’d say the softer models are better at this than the harder ones.

Makers have increased the width of these wheels as well. Whenever I was speeding and putting on brakes, I could feel all four of the wheels responding better than my previous sets. Want to run wild on the road? You can! People often do all sorts of antics with these longboard wheels.

Of course, that includes sliding as well!

These Wheels Go Well with Various Pieces of Equipment

This is one of the traits that draw the line between “Shark Wheels” and others. You’ll find specific brands or models that go with a specific bearing or a longboard deck. Whereas these wheels are sort of carnivorous. They fit in with any brand of bearings and decks. Just make sure that they have right sizes.

Yes, even the Ceramic Longboard Bearings are a handy addition to the package when you are looking to build your custom longboard. In fact, I urge you to get these bearings if you are serious about going Gene Kelly and “Singin’ in the Rain” while taking a trip around the city on your longboard.

Looking at It from a Financial Standpoint

Price is important when you want to purchase a longboard wheel. I’ve seen reviewers go on a rant about how a mere wheel cost them nearly as much as the whole equipment itself. When it comes to Patrick’s company, however, the scenario flips.

I won’t deny that Shark Wheels’ models are attention grabbers. They are! But these products deliver on the hype. These are worth every penny you put in them. Speaking of pennies and dollars, these products won’t cut your wallet too deep.

Despite all the design advantages, hype, and performance boosts; the prices remain in double digits.

Shark Wheels vs. Regular Wheels: What’s the Difference?

The first and obvious difference that comes to my mind is the shape. You won’t find other wheels as irregularly shaped as these are. Naturally, the shape puts forward a difference in performance as well.

Speaking of performance, products that I’m focusing on are faster than your traditional wheels that come along. Before people hammer me with comments, this is a reviewer on “Silverfish Forums” talking.

The user tested Rayne Greed wheels and Shark Wheels during several runs. He found out that these were faster. Not only that, the latter brand didn’t get as hot as their counterpart when testing.

Don’t believe me? See the results for yourselves!

Result of Rayne Greed wheels and Shark Wheels

Ending on a High Note!

So, besides the speed, are there additional differences between these and the others? I’d say, “Yes!” The design. If you are in search of something unique, take a cue from “Sidewinder” or “California Roll.”

These products have subtle benefits like enhanced grip on the road and offering control while downhill riding and sliding through the pathway. Again, all thanks to the “Sine-Wave” pattern.

If you guys are confused about the cost of reading my Shark Wheels’ Reviews, put your mind at ease. I can pretty much guarantee you that the price is stable at double digits. A true longboard rider won’t even hesitate for a second! Perhaps, the only thing stopping you from buying this stuff is a click or two!

Or a faulty mouse (It’s a joke, don’t hit the monitor)!

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